Internet Insights

Long-term Fundamental Insights regarding the largest 1,000 stocks worldwide and Global Macro across five key pillars.

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Products & Services

The vast amount of information on the Internet offers non-traditional insights into companies products and services.

For example, the multitude of online retailers are a goldmine for comparative pricing data across markets, customer reviews and so much more - oftentimes directly from consumers themselves.

Management & Employees

Keeping track of what management and employees are saying, thinking and doing is critical. Employee forums and our own influencer lists of corporate employees are high-value sources of corporate access.

We also have an opportunity to capture insights from Management. The SEC announcement in April 2013 enables companies to post material non-public information on social media that is not published via RNS.


Understanding the views of customers towards companies is a key diligence task.

The Internet enables Wall Street to obtain non-traditional insights to help understand the viewpoints of customers.

For example, we are working on a project that will analyst 15 billion tweets a month to predict churn levels for stocks in sectors like telco, media and insurance.


Knowing the views of experts greatly benefits the buyside. Wall Street spends billions each year with expert networks.

The Internet is a vast resource of expert views, opinion and commentary.

Global Macro

Stocks and Global Macro topics are often correlated. For example, the Chinese economy affects natural resources stocks worldwide. Our Chinese analyst curates the Chinese Web (e.g. for actionable insights.

Leveraging big data analysis (e.g. billions of tweets, time series data) provides insights on macro topics.


Coming Soon

We're busy building our team and our technology for Internet Insights.

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