Pioneers Connecting the Universe of Alternative Data

What We Do

Established in 2012, Eagle Alpha is the pioneer connecting the universe of alternative data.

We partner with >1,500 owners of data to monetize their data. Our vendor solution mirrors the user journey of vendors:

  1. Discovery phase – we advise on the dollar opportunity
  2. Productization – we oversee the dataset build phase, and
  3. Go-to-Market – we bring datasets to market


We partner with hundreds of data buyers to facilitate data-driven investment and business decisions. Data buyers include asset managers, private equity firms and corporates. Our buyer solution mirrors the user journey of buyers:

  1. Data Strategy – we help clients create the right data strategy and ensure it stays best-in-class
  2. Discovery – Prioritization: we ensure clients efficiently prioritize the best datasets, and
  3. Delivery – Insights: we provide FISD compliant tear sheets and DDQs, sample data and increasingly static trial data


In addition, we have three tools that enable clients to obtain data direct:

  1. Search management tool
  2. Default reveal tool, and
  3. Social media analysis tool


Given the economic environment some clients are increasingly seeking to work with end-to-end outsourced partners.