Pioneers Connecting the Universe of Alternative Data

What We Do

Established in 2012, Eagle Alpha is the pioneer connecting the universe of alternative data. Our solutions are used by buyside firms, private equity firms and corporates to make data-driven investment and business decisions.

With over 1,200 datasets Eagle Alpha has the largest database of alternative datasets globally. With our suite of products we deliver more solutions, to more alternative data challenges than any other alternative data company.

The Data Machine

As a first-mover in the space, Eagle Alpha has developed unique alternative data know-how, a network, processes, technologies, and solutions which we refer to as the Data Machine. The Data Machine connects both sides of the market, data sources and data buyers and solves key industry challenges:

- Challenge for vendors: gaining access to qualified buyers of their content. The Data Machine delivers lead generation, faster time to market, market penetration, and access to new customer segments such as private equity and corporates.

- Challenge for buyers: figuring out the type of data content they need and where to obtain it from. The Data Machine provides data discovery, dataset prioritization, data quality test results, and advice on how to derive value from datasets.