Alternative Data Newsletter – February 16th, 2017

Data beats opinion >>> your weekly update on the alternative data space

1. Dataset of the week: Employment data provider.

2. Case study: Google Trends anticipated RingCentral stabilization.

3. Case study: Trade nowcasting used to analyze Chinese Trade Balance.

4. News articles of the week: Why data nerds struggle to gain power at hedge funds, African farm yields measured using satellites, can big data help boost investment returns?

5. Events and product updates.

1. Dataset of the week: Employment data provider.

Vendor Overview: This vendor provides listings of job openings in the U.S. It is updated daily and has 3+ million job listings and descriptions. The data is mapped to roughly 3,500 publicly traded companies. Historical data shows the duration of job listings. This vendor also produces one of the most accurate estimates for US Non-Farm Payroll figures and provides other macro employment data.

Dataset Overview:

  • History: Since 2009
  • Geography: United States.
  • Delivery: API or CSV.

Alpha Use Cases:

  • Discover signals of labor market trends
  • Gain insights into corporate strategy and execution via hiring activities
  • Estimate job growth at a macro & micro level
  • Get insights into workforce trends and future skill demand

Our database now has 489 providers. Contact us for more information –

2. Case study: Google Trends anticipated RingCentral stabilization.

On 5 January 2017, we published a research note showing that our Google Index indicated signs of stabilization for RingCentral. The figure below shows that the 6m and 12m moving averages were tracking closely over the latest quarters. We concluded that “the index is stable over this period and this should allow RingCentral to report consistent with recent quarters.”

On 13 February 2017, RingCentral reported Q4 2016 results with revenue slightly ahead of expectations. Guidance of $110.5m was ahead of the Street at $106.6m.

Contact us to learn about our “Search Signals” offering –

3. Case Study: Trade Nowcasting Used to Analyze Chinese Trade Balance.

Trade nowcasting indicators provide valuable insights into international trade and industrial production. They employ big data and predictive analytics techniques, and more than 25,000 times series, to forecast trade balance and industrial production statistics.

The data is also available at the level of an individual shipping port, providing even greater granularity on international trade. Statistical backtesting has proven the indicators frequently a better predictor than street-mean estimates, while also having the advantage of substantial lead time.

Considering China’s trade balance, the figure below shows monthly values from February 2014 onwards. Red dots show the trade nowcasting forecasts, while orange dashes indicate street estimates.

4. News articles of the week.

Why Data Nerds Struggle to Gain Power at Hedge Funds.

Stanford researchers measure African farm yields using high-resolution satellites.

Can ‘Big Data’ Help Boost Investment Returns?

5. Events and product updates. 

  • Teach-ins: some firms are using our comprehensive teach-ins as part of training programmes for new joiners.
  • Thought Leadership: we have scheduled two events (in NYC and London) to discuss the legal and compliance considerations of alternative data.
  • Data Insights: we now have search based indicators for 25 tickers and 8 macro topics.
  • Analytical Tools: would you like a demo of a new tool that enables clients to create search based indicators?
  • Data Sourcing: attend our next data showcase events in London (21st March) and NYC (23rd March).
  • Bespoke Projects: sample project = track US sales of food delivery companies such as Grubhub and Papa John’s Pizza.

Until next week,

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