Alternative Data Newsletter – March 2nd, 2017

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1. Dataset of the week: Consumer transaction data provider.

2. Case study: Insights into Chinese Steel using bill of lading data.

3. Case study: Google search data pointed to rebounding fundamentals for Workday.

4. News articles of the week: Regulating alternative data; China mobile payment industry more than tripled to $5.5 trillion in 2016.

5. Events and product updates.

1. Dataset of the week: Consumer transaction data provider.

Vendor Overview: This provider delivers consumer transaction data based on the panel of users for their financial planning app.

Dataset Overview:

  • History: Since 2012
  • Geography: UK.
  • Delivery: CSV or Excel plug-in.

Alpha Use Cases:

  • Track total consumer spending across various industries
  • Track average basket size and shopping frequency
  • Evaluate market penetration and market shares

Our database now has 489 providers. Contact us for more information –

2. Case study: Insights into Chinese Steel using bill of lading data

On November 7th 2016, the US Commerce Department formally filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission to examine whether Chinese producers were routing steel through Vietnam, performing minor processing, and then shipping the steel to the US to avoid previously imposed anti-dumping duties. This followed a petition by US steel companies in September 2016 that highlighted how Chinese companies were trying to avoid these duties. At that time Data from our bill of lading data partner shows total U.S. steel imports from China in the third quarter fell 64% on a year earlier, and from Vietnam increased 9.3-fold while exports from China to Vietnam increased 5%. Even if diversions were happening, they were not wholly effective – combined exports to the U.S. fell 33% in the third quarter.

The bill of lading data showed that the trade cases certainly reduced exports from China to the U.S., with a 58.1% decline in September 2016 on a year earlier of all steel products, bringing the quarterly total to a 63.8% drop.

The most marked change, though, was a 14.3-fold increase in Vietnamese exports to the U.S. in September and 9.3x for the third quarter. Yet, even assuming all Vietnamese exports to the U.S. ‘came from’ China, the combined total was still 32.8% lower in the third quarter than a year earlier.

Contact us to learn about this data provider –

3. Case Study: Google Search Data Pointed to Rebounding Fundamentals for Workday

On 6th February Eagle Alpha’s Data Insights team published a Search Signals report titled, “Signs of rebound for Workday, Headwinds Remain for Zendesk”. The report commented that our “Search Signal indicator for Workday (WDAY) has been improving for over two quarters. The 6-month moving average of our index continues to be firmly above the 12-month and this has caused a gradual upward slope to form in the 12-month index. We view this as a positive development as the 12-month index was in a downtrend through 2015 and most of 2016. The positive trends belie management cautious comments last quarter about near term fundamentals. Our read from the Search Signal indicator is that WDAY should be on track to post improving revenue growth metrics in future quarters”.

Workday reported on 27th February 2017. The company reported slightly ahead of expectations. The company guided for $468m for April quarter, ahead of estimates of $449m. Management also made positive comments around end demand and FY18 expectations. We view management comments and guidance as validation of the Search Signal indicator for WDAY.

4. News articles of the week.

Regulating alternative data

China’s Mobile Payment Industry More than Tripled to $5.5 Trillion in 2016

 5. Events and product updates.

  • Teach-ins: given the demand for teach-ins our pricing increases next week – get in touch this week if you want to lock-in the current rate.
  • Thought Leadership: are funds allowed have exclusivity on datasets? Attend our events in NYC, London and Hong Kong that will discuss this and other topics.
  • Data Insights: google indicators provide strong signals for restaurant stocks – we are launching 5 next week.
  • Analytical Tools: macro funds use our Web Queries tool to obtain insights ahead of the Dutch election.
  • Data Sourcing: attend our next data showcase events in London (21st March) and NYC (23rd March).
  • Bespoke Projects: sample project = Whether it is Tesla’s new Model 3 or Netflix’s newest Originals, Eagle Alpha can help you evaluate which product launches are successes and which are duds.

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