Alternative Data Newsletter – March 9th, 2017

Data beats opinion >>> your weekly update on the alternative data space

1. Dataset of the week: Trade data provider.

2. Case study: Eagle Alpha launched Search Signals tracking US restaurants.

3. Case study: Search data anticipated Dick’s Sporting Good’s fall.

4. Curated articles of the week: Themes from Newsweek’s AI data conference, Acadian using Microsoft’s Bing to make bets, Winton’s workshop on using technology to reform economics, Google acquiring Kaggle.

5. Update on Eagle Alpha’s offering.

1. Dataset of the week: Trade data provider.

Vendor Overview: This provider measures recent trade and industrial production indicators of each economy taking into account more than 25,000 times series and employing big data and predictive analytics techniques.

Dataset Overview:

  • History: Since 2012.mikh
  • Geography: Worldwide.
  • Delivery: API or CSV.

Use Cases:

  • Forecast trade balance and industrial production statistics.
  • Forecast currency valuations.
  • Gain insights into global commodity trends.
  • Gain insights into global trends for commodities and manufactured goods.
  • Provides supporting data for analysis of ports, shipping companies, railroads and other transportation stocks.

Our database now has 487 providers. Contact us for more information –

2. Case study: Eagle Alpha launched Search Signals tracking US restaurants. 

On 8 March 2017, we published our first report exploring Search Signal insights for the US Restaurants sector. The figure below demonstrates the search indicator for Panera Bread and how it captured same-store sales dynamics throughout 2015 and2016. From November 2016 onwards, there has been a substantial uptrend in the Panera Search Signal indicators which could lead to a positive inflection point in the company’s same-store sales in 2017.

The Search Signals analysis for Starbucks and Chipotle are also presented in our report.

Contact us to learn about our “Search Signals” offering –

3. Case Study: Search data anticipated Dick’s Sporting Good’s fall.

On 3 February 2017, we published a report on US Retail sector highlighting weakness for Dick’s Sporting Goods (DKS). We noted that the Search Signals indicator for DKS had dropped abruptly in recent months. As figure 1 below shows, a continuous uptrend had been observed over 2016 with the company also reporting increasing same-store sales figures.

In the report, we concluded: “The sharp downtrend observed in the index in recent months (Fig.1) indicates that expectations for SSS growth, highlighted in the black bar, may be at risk. We draw attention to the fact that the three-month moving average has rolled over quite sharply.”


On 7 March 2017, DKS reported a worse-than-expected earnings guidance (between 50 and 55 cents per share vs. 62 cents per share consensus). As a result, the stock price went down more than 6%.

4. Curated articles of the week.

Themes from Newsweek’s AI data conference.

Acadian to Use Microsoft’s Big Data Technology to Help Make Bets.

Using Technology to Reform Economics – a Winton Data Workshop.

Google confirms its acquisition of data science community Kaggle.

5. Update on Eagle Alpha’s offering.

  • New website: we relaunched our public facing website today. Please visit
  • Teach-ins: some firms are using our comprehensive teach-ins as part of training programmes for new joiners.
  • Bespoke Projects: sample project = track US sales of food delivery companies such as Grubhub and Papa John’s Pizza.
  • Thought Leadership: we have scheduled two events in April (in NYC and London) to discuss the legal and compliance considerations of alternative data.
  • Data Insights: we now have search based indicators for 30 tickers and 8 macro topics.
  • Analytical Tools: would you like a demo of a new tool that enables clients to create search based indicators?
  • Data Sourcing: attend our next data showcase events in London (21st March) and NYC (23rd March).

Until next week,

Eagle Alpha.