Alternative Data Newsletter – March 23rd, 2017

Data beats opinion >>> your weekly update on the alternative data space

 1. Dataset of the week: CPG, Retail and Healthcare consumer transaction data provider.

2. Case Study: Satellite imagery used to analyze JC Penney.

3. Curated articles of the week: Applying science to fund management, the bitter truth about big data, WorldQuant’s virtual army.

4. Update on Eagle Alpha’s offering.


1. Dataset of the week: CPG, Retail and Healthcare consumer transaction data provider.

Vendor Overview: as a provider of consumer transaction related sales data for leading companies in FMCG, Retail and Healthcare industries, this vendor delivers a wealth of information on a weekly basis about consumer purchasing activity.

Dataset Overview:

  • History: Since 2012.
  • Geography: Worldwide.
  • Delivery: API or CSV.

Use Cases:

  • Leverage data to predict revenue for CPG companies ahead of reported earnings.
  • Leverage data to get an early indication of CPG company guidance ahead of quarterly reports.
  • Identify and track retail trends and their impact on manufacturers. Ex. How are private label brands performing against branded products, how does this impact manufacturer X.
  • Compare brand performance across a specific channel, for example Monster energy drinks performance in gas stations vs big-box retail in the U.S.
  • Identify new category entrants and monitor their growth in market share.

Our database now has 487 providers. Contact us for more information –

 2. Case study: Satellite imagery used to analyze JC Penney.

The analysis presented below was prepared by a satellite imagery data analytics company that catalogued and back tested more than one million parking lot images that accounted for 1.5 billion cars over seven years. The traffic data obtained from satellite images can then be used to analyze cumulative YoY car count growth rates and compare it to revenue growth and share price dynamics.

In the case of JC Penney, a continued decline in car counts was observed from January 2011 to early 2014 before the metric stabilized. The figure below shows that YoY car count growth rate is down over 10%.

On 17 March 2017, JC Penney announced that it would shut 138 stores down.

3. Curated articles of the week.

Applying science to fund management.

The bitter truth about Big Data.

WorldQuant’s Part-Time Virtual Army Do Battle for Jobs.

4. Update on Eagle Alpha’s offering.

  • Teach-ins: some firms are using our comprehensive teach-ins as part of training programmes for new joiners.
  • Bespoke Projects: sample project = track US sales of food delivery companies such as Grubhub and Papa John’s Pizza.
  • Thought Leadership: we have scheduled two events in April (in NYC and London) to discuss the legal and compliance considerations of alternative data.
  • Data Insights: we now have search based indicators for 30 tickers and 8 macro topics.
  • Analytical Tools: would you like a demo of a new tool that enables clients to create search based indicators?
  • Data Sourcing: data showcase events held in London (21st March) and NYC (23rd March).

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