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1. Dataset of the week: US unemployment search index.

2. Case study of the week: Initial consumer reaction supports more aggressive sales target. Samsung (KRX).

3. Curated articles of the week: How quantamental firms embrace alternative data, Credit Suisse’s heads of data & macro quit to set up an AI firm, Manoj Narang of MANA Partners discusses trading technology and alternative data.

4. Events (recaps & scheduled).

5. Upcoming dataset roadshows.

6. Update on Eagle Alpha’s offering.


1. Dataset of the week: US unemployment search index.

Vendor Overview: Google Trends is a public web facility based on Google Search that shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume over time across various regions of the world. There are several advantages to using search data as a determinant of economic activity. The data is very timely, it has over 10 years of history, it is unique and offers unparalleled flexibility in terms of variety issues that can be analysed. The data is also generated as a by-product of people’s normal day-to-day activity, as opposed to traditional survey methods which rely on individuals or firms responding to survey questions after the event. This can avoid problems associated with non-response or inaccurate responses.

Dataset Overview:

  • History: Since 2006.
  • Geography: U.S.
  • Delivery: Excel/CSV.

Use Cases:

  • Online search data used as a gauge of economic activity.
  • Our US Unemployment Index has a 5-year correlation of 0.9 with the US unemployment rate and an out-of-sample prediction improvement of 14% over a baseline (autoregressive) model of UK unemployment over the same period.

Our database now has 488 providers. Contact us for more information:


2. Case study of the week: Initial consumer reaction supports more aggressive sales target.

On April 5th 2017, Eagle Alpha published a research note analyzing the launch of Samsung S8. We used Web Queries/Twitter, search data and online pricing to give a read on initial reaction to the product, and some early indication on likely success.

Online interest in the S8 model is strong as it is ahead of recent launches, even surpassing the highly successful S4 (figure 1). The newest model is also enjoying positive reception as display and overall design accounted for nearly 40% of feature mentions on Twitter. Figure 2 shows the sentiment breakdown by features.

Furthermore, the analysis of online prices revealed that the S7 pricing remained robust which supports S8’s higher price tag than its predecessor.

It is rumored that Samsung intends to sell 60m units of the S8, higher than the last three models, and Eagle Alpha’s analysis supports this aggressive sales target.

All the data and tools used in the report are available as part of Eagle Alpha’s core subscription.

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3. Curated articles of the week.

How Quantamental Firms Embrace Alternative Data.

Credit Suisse’s head of data science and head of macro investing quit to set up their own AI firm.

Trading technology, alternative data, and originality w/ Manoj Narang.

4. Events (Recaps & Scheduled Events)

Interested in a recap of Newsweek’s event or Eagle Alpha’s data showcase events?

Attend an event to learn about the legal considerations of alternative data. Events:

  • London (20th April),
  • New York (26th April),
  • Hong Hong (12th May).

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5. Roadshows – Contact Us To Book Meetings With Datasets

Trade nowcasting dataset: New York (w/c 10th April).


6. Update on Eagle Alpha’s Offering

Clients have asked us to add a “Lessons Learnt” section to our Thought Leadership offering.

This will launch next month. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

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