Alternative Data Newsletter #86 – September 21st, 2018

Important developments in altdata for the buyside

  • Broker votes: one of the largest asset managers has included a line for “data” in its sellside broker vote. If others follow suit this is a game changer for the alternative data space. And it will have a major impact on the traditional sellside.
  • Buyside investing: the last two weeks has seen two companies (Crux, Enigma) receive investments from buyside firms. We expect this trend to continue and are aware of a number of buyside firms considering investments in alternative data vendors. If you want to know which vendors are fundraising contact us.
  • APAC trends: we hosted the first large scale alternative data event in Hong Kong last week. To obtain a deck that outlines the key takeaways please reach out.

Events you should attend

  • Events: our “access and alpha” events are free for buyside firms – join us in London on October 12th and/or New York on November 29th. Register your interest:
  • Meetings: HR best practices will be discussed at a meeting in New York on October 4th. This is for Data Forum clients only.
  • Roadshows: an ESG data provider will be doing a roadshow in London on October 9th – 11th. To book a meeting contact us.

What datasets are getting traction?

  • Dataset in demand: social media analytics tool providing information on the popularity of brands. This is based on our proprietary database analytics and 1-on-1 meeting analytics. Clients of our Data Sourcing solution obtain the names of datasets that are most in demand.
  • New dataset: Chinese geo-location dataset with panel size of 900 million. This vendor presented at our event in Hong Kong last week.

Legal & compliance developments

  • Standardized DDQ: we are forming a working group to standardize DDQs. It will involve buyside firms, alternative data vendors and law firm Lowenstein Sandler. Contact us to join the working group.
  • Standardized Trial Agreement: in early September we published the first standardized trial agreement for the alternative data space. It involved comments from 12 buyside firms and 4 vendors of alternative data. Get in touch to obtain a copy.

Best practices your firm should be thinking about

  • HR Best Practices: we have teamed up with recuitment firm Options Group to produce a white paper that outlines HR best practices. This will be published in early October.
  • Case Studies: we added 10 APAC case studies to our “Use Cases” report that now provides 50 case studies in total. The report will be published next week – to obtain a copy please register your interest by emailing

How experienced firms are making efficiency improvements

  • Standardized Metadata: we have formed a working group to standardize the metadata that describe alternative datasets. Contact us to join the working group.
  • Sharing Groundtruth Data: two clients asked us to create an initial working group to explore the concept of sharing esoteric groundtruth data that is not available from traditional sources.

Updates To Our Solutions:

  • Eagle Edge: we are pleased to announce the launch of our Eagle Edge platform. Eagle Edge enables fundamental analysts to work with alternative data without the need for additional data engineering and data science. Contact us for a demo.
  • please to announce that we will soon launch It will feature video interviews with thought leaders in the alternative data space.

Update For Vendors

  • Trial agreement: we worked with buyside firms and vendors to produce a standardized trial agreement. Vendors can obtain this for free if they have a full profile (including sample data) on our database.
  • Events: our events are exclusively for the buyside. For each event we invite 25 vendors to present (elevator pitch, exhibit and 1-on-1s) to the buyside. Apply to present at our London and/or New York events.
  • Dashboards: to help you access traditional fundamental investors we are building customized dashboards on top of alternative datasets. Contact us to learn more.

Notable News

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