Alternative Data Newsletter #92 – November 1st, 2018

Important Developments In Altdata For The Buyside

  • Alt Data For Discretionary Funds: the last twelve months has seen a massive increase in interest in alternative data from discretionary funds. We will be hosting a lunchtime event targeted specifically at discretionary funds in New York on 29th November. Please contact us to learn more.
  • Data Quality Testing: feedback from the buyside tells us that testing data for quality is even more important than alpha testing. Eagle Alpha’s multidisciplinary team have worked together with funds and data vendor to build our own “Data Diagnostics” framework to address this demand. Please contact us to learn more.

Events You Should Attend

  • NYC Conference: our next “access and alpha” conference will be held in NYC on November 29th. JPMorgan is the platinum sponsor and the keynote speaker is Vasant Dhar. The event is complimentary for buyside firms. To register contact
  • C-Suite Webinar: we are organizing a webinar on November 14th that is entitled “Getting your organization ready for the data deluge – a webinar for senior management of buyside firms”. To register contact
  • Luxury Goods Webinar: on November 13th, Eagle Alpha will bring a number of data vendors together for a webinar on how alternative data can help analyse luxury goods companies and trends in the wider luxury goods sector. For more information contact
  • Roadshows: a data vendor is meeting funds in London on November 7th & 8th. This data vendor provides alternative data on Chinese companies listed worldwide and Chinese consumer and market trends. They are experts in web-based multi-modal data, which is analyzed using their proprietary AI systems. For more information contact

What Datasets Are Getting Traction?

  • Quant: this vendor builds profiles and tracks changes on over 15 million corporate websites. Given a particular company or website, the vendor can supply up to 120 fields of current and historical data and will list changes to key data points (e.g. personnel listed on the corporate website).
  • Discretionary: this data vendor provides compliant bank transaction data sourced from debit/credit card data covering six territories (Australia, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, South Africa).
  • New: this vendor provides the most prominent database for CSR information in Japan.

Data Science Lab

  • Open sourcing this weekd6tJoin – this python library helps with joining datasets that share similar, but not identical, matching keys. Can be used for finding the top matches between stock ticker names as well as other common almost-matched items like dates and addresses.
  • What we’re reading this week: Wikipedia Data Science, Working with the World’s Largest Encyclopaedia. This blog post covers many aspects of working with Wikipedia data such as finding the right dump from Wikimedia, selecting the right libraries to parse the data, leveraging the template format in Wikipedia articles, as well as running it all in parallel to speed things up.

Legal & Compliance, Efficiency Improvements & Best Practice

  • Legal & Compliance – Interview: watch an interview with Peter Greene of Lowenstein Sandler give this thoughts regarding legal & compliance. Link.
  • Efficiency Improvements – Standardized Metadata: the output of this working group will be finalized in a few weeks time. To learn more contact
  • Best Practice – Survey: in November we are surveying clients regarding compensation packages for the different roles associated with alternative data. To learn more contact

Updates To Our Solutions

  • Data Sourcing: we implemented several updates to improve the functionality and user experience of our platform:
    • Search: we overhauled the search engine to facilitate easier sourcing of new interesting datasets. Users can search by keywords and the search engine will search for it in a datasets title, summary, and description. We have also added acronyms and synonyms to help search for datasets that are purposely misspelled by vendors.
    • Data diagnostic reports: interactive reports on the data quality and coverage of vendors’ data. The underlying code used to create the report is also available.
    • Dataset comparison: easily compare up to four dataset profiles and view their information on one page.
  • Eagle Edge: We recently announced that the luxury goods data vendor Re Analytics will be the first third party dataset hosted on the Eagle Edge alternative data platform. Please to learn more.

Updates For Alternative Data Vendors

  • Feedback: we want to help vendor clients reduce costs, shorten the sales cycle and maximise revenue – your feedback on how we could do this would be appreciated. Please email our CEO with your thoughts. His email is
  • to gain unique marketing exposure contact us to schedule an interview in NYC on November 26th. Email:
  • DDQs: we have started a working group to standardize dataset due diligence questionnaires. If your firm would like to participate email
  • Trial agreement: we worked with buyside firms and vendors to produce a standardized trial agreement. Vendors can obtain this for free if they have a full profile (including sample data) on our database. To learn more contact
  • Dashboards: to help you access traditional fundamental investors we are building customized dashboards on top of alternative datasets. Contact us to learn more at
  • Funding: if your firm is seeking to raise capital contact us – we can help. Email:

Notable News in the Alternative Data Space