Alternative Data Newsletter #97 – December 6th, 2018

Important Developments

  • NYC Event: our event last week was a great success. To obtain a detailed synopsis of the key takeaways please email
  • Mapping: we have partnered with a firm that solves the mapping / tickerization problem. Clients of Eagle Alpha receive a discount. To learn more contact
  • Nasdaq acquired Quandl: alternative data is becoming mainstream as evidenced by the acquisition of Quandl by Nasdaq. Bjorn Sibbern, head of Nasdaq’s global information unit, said: “Quandl will allow Nasdaq to partner more closely with the investing community as the industry continuously seeks ways to evaluate an endless supply of information to drive new insights, investment ideas and deliver alpha.”


  • Alpha & Access: Our flagship Alternative Data: Access & Alpha event took place in New York last Thursday at full capacity. We had 1,000+ 1-on-1 meetings between the buyside and 25 hand-picked alt data vendors, 13 sponsors, 250+ attendees, 12 buyside panels and breakout sessions with 30 panelists and 35 audience polls. Thank you to our host Lowenstein Sandler LLP and lead sponsor J.P. Morgan.
  • 2019 Calendar: we are working on the calendar for next year.

What Datasets Are Getting Traction?

  • Analytics On 1,000 1-on-1s: last week we organized 1-on-1s for 25 vendors and 12 sponsors. Clients of our Data Sourcing offering can benefit from data showing which vendors received the most, and least, meetings.
  • Quant: this vendor provides Artificial-Intelligence-as-a-Service for investment analysis and trading. The company creates custom portfolios for clients by combining fundamental analysis, quantitative metrics, sellside reports, macro news, and money flows. Our Data Sourcing clients can view the full profile here.
  • Discretionary: the vendor delivers European transaction data in real time. Compliant bank transaction data is sourced from debit/credit card data covering six territories. Our Data Sourcing clients can view the full profile here.
  • New: this company provides China CV database covering 150 million anonymous CV records of China job market. Our Data Sourcing clients can view the full profile here.

Data Science Lab

  • Open Sourcing this weeknbdime – Jupyter notebooks are notoriously hard to version control and diff compare due to the consideration of the underlying HTML / CSS that renders the look and feel of the notebook. This notebook extension integrates with git and allows for inspection of code-only changes in notebook compared to previous commits as well as merge coordination between branches.
  • What we’re reading this weekData scientists, the only useful code is production code – this article argues for increased awareness of good programming practices among data scientists, a group often associated with ad-hoc and poorly reproduceable code. The article provides common sense guidelines for getting your data science team up to speed on building production code as standard practice.

Legal & Compliance, Efficiency Improvements & Best Practice

  • Standardized DDQ: Eagle Alpha launched a working group the goal of which is to standardize the data due diligence (DDQ) process. A standardized document will be beneficial for both data vendors and asset managers, it will facilitate and accelerate the sales cycle.
  • Efficiency Improvements – Standardized Metadata: contact to get access to the first document standardizing the metadata

Updates For Alternative Data Vendors

  • Data Monetization Seminars: we are planning seminars to educate vendors, VCs and PEs on how to successfully monetize data. Seminars will take place in every major financial city. To register your interest please email
  • 2019 Roadshows: now is the time to start planning your roadshows for 2019. Roadshows yield higher conversion rates than any event. Contact us to discuss this:

Notable News in the Alternative Data Space