Alternative Data Newsletter #111 – March 29th, 2019

Important Developments

  • Access & Alpha in Singapore: on March 22nd 2019, we hosted the first alternative data event in Singapore. We conducted a survey with the buyside firms and some of the insights are presented below.
  • Key Challenge: quality screening of alternative datasets is the key challenge faced by buyside firms. Eagle Alpha has developed a proprietary tool to perform dataset quality testing. To learn more about our proprietary tool, contact
  • Survey Results: what is your firms top challenge regarding alternative data?
    • Quality screening – 49%
    • Dataset discovery – 37%
    • Finding alpha – 37%
    • In-house resource – 24%
    • Prioritization – 17%
    • Dashboards take time and money – 15%
    • Benchmarking – 7%
    • Democratizing data – 2%

Proprietary Datasets

  • Search Signals: Recent analysis of Eagle Alpha’s Search Signals dataset shows a “hit” rate of 60% on reports published integrating the data. The hit rate is measured by tracking the direction of revenue estimate revisions in subsequent quarters. Contact to learn more.

Events You Should Attend

  • Eagle Alpha’s Event Calendar:
  • Roadshows:
    • Consumer transactions data provider is meeting funds in London on April 2nd & 3rd.
    • B2B data provider is meeting funds in London on April 16th & 17th.
    • A data aggregator is meeting funds in NYC on April 16th & 17th.

What Datasets Are Getting Traction?

  • Quant: this vendor gathers data on over 10B web and mobile pages from e-commerce, auto, travel, entertainment, social and news platforms, then apply deep learning and visual recognition technologies to create a data profile of both listed and unlisted companies, in order to help investors predict companies’ revenues and stock price movement. Our Data Sourcing clients can view the full profile here.
  • Discretionary: this vendor provides real-time data on physical products and places using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. Our Data Sourcing clients can view the full profile here.
  • New dataset: this vendor’s platform allows users to search and analyze tender data from 33 jurisdictions (28 EU member states, Norway, the EU Institutions, Iceland, Switzerland, Georgia). Our Data Sourcing clients can view the full profile here.

Data Science Lab

  • Open Sourcing This Week: Chartify: Bokeh, but less headache – this python visualization library addresses one of the most annoying things about data science in python: Bokeh. Bokeh is an incredibly rich visualization library that is also incredibly hard to get completely right. Chartify, built on top of Bokeh by Spotify, aims to make that process much more approachable, while adding some new visual capabilities as well.
  • What We’re Reading This WeekRating London Properties by their “Pub Score”: An Alternative Lens on the London Housing Market – this complete project walkthrough touches on a number of relevant analyses and libraries for handling geospatial data in the journey to try and find the best house using a series of heuristic measures of quality, namely the quality of the pubs in the area.

Inside Track

  • Alpha Focus Sessions: today we discussed how to work with various types of B2B datasets. Our next alpha focus session is on trade datasets and will be held on April 25th. Contact to learn more.
  • Dataset Costs/Pricing: a client asked us to launch a think tank comprised of buyside firms to discuss dataset costs. The output will be a white paper. To learn more email
  • Standardized DDQ: we published the first draft of the DDQ document. Contact to learn more.

Notable News in the Alternative Data Space