Alternative Data Newsletter #113 – April 12th, 2019

Eagle Alpha is pleased to announce new solutions for private equity firms. We published a white paper to introduce alternative data, outline the rationale for private equity funds to work with alternative data, give examples of insights that can be obtained, provide case studies, discuss the challenges encountered and outline Eagle Alpha’s solutions for private equity funds. Contact us to learn more –

Alternative Data Newsletter #112 – April 5th, 2019

Eagle Alpha is now offering partner vendors the opportunity to join our early access list for having their datasets quality tested through our Eagle Eye platform. Due to the variety of datasets available, we work with partner vendors to tailor the testing to the specific characteristics of your data, producing in-depth reporting of your dataset’s characteristics of coverage, history, completeness, and trend robustness available to our buyside clients, some of the largest alternative data buyers. Contact us to learn more –