Alternative Data Newsletter #113 – April 12th, 2019

Alternative Data Weekly (#113)

Important Developments

  • New Solutions for Private Equity Teams: Eagle Alpha is pleased to announce new solutions for private equity firms. We published a white paper to introduce alternative data, outline the rationale for private equity funds to work with alternative data, give examples of insights that can be obtained, provide case studies, discuss the challenges encountered and outline Eagle Alpha’s solutions for private equity funds. Contact us to learn more –
  • Feedback from Our Events: Conversion statistics are increasing and becoming more important (this is purchase/trial ratio). Please contact to discuss such and other industry benchmarking –

Proprietary Datasets

  • The Consumer Electronics Dataset: daily e-commerce data collected from for seven categories (Handsets, TV’s, Desktops PCs, Notebooks, Printers, Activity Trackers and Action Cameras). The data stretches back to the beginning of 2017 and includes information on pricing, discounting and sales ranking for products from brands such as Apple, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Fitbit and GoPro. Contact us to learn more –

Events You Should Attend

  • Eagle Alpha’s Event Calendar:
    • NYC on May 15th. Many thanks to all our sponsors for our upcoming Alternative Data: Access & Alpha Conference in New York on May 15th, especially our lead partner JPMorgan Chase & Co. Buyside firms can avail of one complimentary ticket to the event while there are various options available to data vendors that wish to take part. Register your interest at
      • We have opened the 1-on-1 booking platform for funds and that they can now book in meetings with vendors.
    • London in October. Register your interest at
    • NYC in December. Register your interest at
  • Roadshows:
    • B2B data provider is meeting funds in London on April 16th & 17th.
    • A data aggregator is meeting funds in NYC on April 16th & 17th.

What Datasets Are Getting Traction?

  • Quant: this vendor provides aggregated confidence and uncertainty scores for a company based on web content that has been run through the proprietary KCI algorithms. Our Data Sourcing clients can view the full profile here.
  • Discretionary: this vendor gathers data from over 30,000 UK-based retailers. The company covers over 1.7 billion products and has history on over 100 billion price points. Our Data Sourcing clients can view the full profile here.
  • New dataset: this vendor helps synthesize insights by integrating social listening data with tracking surveys, qualitative research, and retail measurements, enabling a well-rounded view of brand health. Our Data Sourcing clients can view the full profile here.

Data Science Lab

  • Open Sourcing This Week: LinkedIn’s Avro2TF for transforming AVRO data for use in Tensorflow – this library, open sourced by LinkedIn, fills in a gap in the Tensorflow workflow around transitioning Avro formatted data (sparse vectors) to the Tensor format. Using scalable Spark-based transformations, this library allows for another common data format to be integrated into the Tensorflow ecosystem.
  • What We’re Reading This Week: Vaex: A DataFrame with super strings– this article dives into performance benchmarking of the Vaex python library, specifically the new release for string computation, with some very impressive results on googol (1 followed by 100 zeros) row datasets. Pandas might be the king of python local dataframe libraries, but for datasets larger than memory, and now for string-heavy ones, Vaex looks like a strong contender.

Inside Track

  • Alpha Focus Sessions: our next alpha focus session is on trade datasets and will be held on April 25th. Contact to learn more.
  • Dataset Costs/Pricing: a client asked us to launch a think tank comprised of buyside firms to discuss dataset costs. The output will be a white paper. To learn more email
  • Standardized DDQ: we published the first draft of the DDQ document. Contact to learn more.

Notable News in the Alternative Data Space