Alternative Data Newsletter #129 – August 2nd, 2019

Eagle Alpha’s new dataset tracks investor attention towards stocks
Eagle Alpha is pleased to announce the launch of their proprietary dataset Ticker Signals. Ticker Signals tracks investor attention towards stocks of the top 1,000 US companies by market capitalization by analysing trends of over 3,500 online search terms on a weekly basis.

In addition to high frequency and wide coverage key features of Ticker Signals include:

  • Users have access to 10 years of historical data, mapped to an identifier of choice
  • Ticker Signals can be used as a predictor of trading volume, forthcoming market volatility as well as direct indication of future share price movement
Eagle Alpha offers a number of delivery options including the Eagle Edge dashboard solution and csv.

To find out more contact our team at

Tesla is an example of a company with significant recent investor attention. Tracking changes in investor attention can be a leading indicator of trading volume, price volatility, as well as direct stock price movements.