Alternative Data Newsletter #131 – August 14th, 2019

Key Highlights

  • Battle of the Quants: Hugh O’Connor, Eagle Alpha’s Director of Data Sourcing & Partnerships, shared unique insights into the APAC alternative data landscape at the Battle of the Quants “Breakfast in China” event in NYC this week. Hugh provided a detailed overview of datasets by category and county, top trending APAC datasets, case studies from leading providers and discussed the unique legal & compliance challenges sourcing data in China.
  • Research Analyst Thoughts: Eagle Alpha’s Sales Signal indicators are showing mixed trends across the retail sector in the July quarter.  For example, the sales signal for Children’s Place is very positive while the signal for Tiffany is down significantly for the quarter. While the Specialty Retail sector index improved sequentially it is still lagging the Restaurant and QSR segment in terms of consumer search interest.
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Top three trending APAC datasets include:

  • Transaction data provider: sector and ticker level indicators based on the expenditures of 800 million cardholders.
  • Trade data provider: delivers high-frequency South Korea export data.
  • Trade data provider: analysis of over 50,000 vessels daily to provide timely and relevant information using AIS.

Quality Screening

We tested a dataset from a Chinese geo-location data vendor that covers over 650 publically listed companies in China and 15 largest transportation hubs. The footfall index clustering analysis shows that airports and train stations are mostly clustered together except the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, whose index started going down since the beginning of 2018, about 6 months ahead of other airports. Interestingly, companies such as Midea Group, TCL Corporation and China Grand Automotive share similar trends with Baiyun Airport, whose headquarters are all based in the Guangdong province.


has pioneered the development of novel techniques for measuring web traffic at minute-level resolution using direct observations of web infrastructure. Unlike clickstream or aggregated customer data, data collected from profiling web infrastructure is free of sampling bias, pressures of public opinion (tracking), and completely independent of any PII concerns. With broad company coverage and multiple access methods, data is easy to ingest and is widely applicable. Our Data Sourcing clients can view the full profile here.


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The chart shows Average Active Job Listings of AAPL using an employment dataset.

Case Study

Richard Lai, Founder of Alpha Hat, on geo-location data and the TSLA use case.
The recording can be viewed here.

Legal & Compliance

Insights from our latest webinar with Lowenstein Sandler: “What you’re able to see with binoculars or telescope is public. The issue is you cannot see every ship crossing the Atlantic, for example, as they can be far out in the ocean. You wouldn’t be able to identify where the ships are in the ocean through any public means if you didn’t have satellite imagery data.”

The recording can be viewed here.

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Alpha Workshops

  • August 22nd: Category (App Data), Sector (Technology), Stock (NFLX).
  • September 26th: Category (Sentiment), Sector (healthcare), Stock (PFE).

Corporate Webinar

On September 10th, Eagle Alpha will be hosting our first webinar that focuses on using alternative data in the Corporate Environment. Along with our co-sponsor Dun & Bradstreet, we will present a number of specific corporate applications for alternative data as well as a series of specific case studies presented by some of our data vendor partners.

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