Alternative Data Newsletter #28 – September 13th

Key Highlights 

AI & Data Science in Trading

  • We are thrilled to announce that we’re Lunch and Learn sponsors at AI & Data Science in Trading event in London on September 16th and 17th. Eagle Alpha’s CEO Emmett Kilduff will officially launch our new Alpha Capture solution for the buy-side at the event. He will be joined for the session by Niall Hurley, Director of Business Development, and Ian McFarlane, Head of Client & Product Engagement.

Vendor Solutions Webinar

  • Join our guest speakers to gain key insights into how to succeed in the alternative data space. The webinar will be hosted at 11:30 am EST/8:30 am PDT/4:30 pm BST on the 19th of September. The panel for the webinar:
    • Tom LiuChinascope: Tom is Co-Founder of a China-focused financial information company with a demonstrated history of applying big data technologies to the advancement of the financial services industry. ChinaScopeTom Liu
    • Dale Richards, Island 20 Venture: Dale brings with him over 20 years of experience as a strategy and management advisory firm in the fields of data management, big data, analytics, technology, business strategy, and data monetization.

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Alternative Data Conference

  • Join us at our London conference on the 15th of November. This innovative event will allow data vendors of alternative data to:
    • Present forward-looking use cases and trade ideas to assist the data buyers with prioritization. 
    • Present quality test results on interesting datasets.
    • One on One meetings with the data buyers.


  • On August 14th, 2019, we published a note on Tiffany with Sales Signals showing a very sharp decline over the July quarter period. We noted: “Management was cautious on the April quarter earnings call, but consensus still has SSS improving in coming quarters. Positive comps of 3.8% in the October quarter look particularly optimistic.”
  • On August 28th, Tiffany reported with same-store sales of -3% compared to a consensus of -1.6%. The company also lowered full-year comps to flat from up single digits.

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Legal Webinar

  • On September 9th the federal appeals court rejected LinkedIn’s effort to stop HiQ from using information crawled from LinkedIn’s website. The decision has major implications for the web crawling industry.
  • Eagle Alpha will host a webinar where Peter Greene from Lowenstein Sandler LLP will discuss the case and this landmark decision.
    • Time: 09.30 am – 10.15 am EST on Monday, September 16th.
    • Location: online webinar using Zoom.

    The webinar is part of Eagle Alpha’s Legal and Compliance solution, which solves the legal risk challenge for alternative data practitioners. It is a must for firms currently crawling web data or considering working with crawled data in the future.

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      Active Data Requests

      • A dataset that tracks Instagram activity for athletics brands including Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, and Vans. 
      • Data that can help paint a real-time picture of environmental risks across the globe, as it relates to weather, natural disasters, etc.
      • Data that monitors
        • government spending in an economy
        • corporate spend (capital expenditure)
      • Patent Sight ESG use cases
      • Equity index prediction datasets covering sentiments and credit spreads 
      • Datasets that share insights on China Macro Economy 
      • Japanese datasets 
      • Datasets that provide insights on commodity and energy space 
      • Supply chain data 
      • Accounting shorts datasets
      • Hardware sales data
      • European mall data capturing market rents etc 
      • Datacenters: US demand and supply, price per MW 
      • Cash dataset covering cash in circulation, cash transactions, number of ATMs 
      • Credit card panel data on revenue estimates, as well as churn/retention by cohorts 
        • Track price increases and upselling activity 
      • Commodities datasets with global coverage and Japan

       Login to your Eagle Alpha account and update your dataset product information to generate exposure to the buy-side funds. If you do not have an Eagle Alpha account yet you can create one free of charge at the following link and market your product to the top investment funds. 

      Industry Intel

      • ‘Beneath China’s stable headline economic numbers, there is a growing belief among economists, companies, and investors around the world that the real picture is worse than the official data. That has analysts and researchers crunching an array of alternative data—from energy consumption to satellite imagery—for a more accurate reading. Their conclusion: China’s economy isn’t tanking, but it is almost certainly weaker than advertised.’ Click here to read the article.

      • On September 9th, the federal appeals court rejected LinkedIn’s effort to stop HiQ from using information crawled from LinkedIn’s website. The decision has major implications for the web crawling industry. ‘The 3-0 decision by the San Francisco appeals court sets back Silicon Valley’s battle against “data scraping,” or extracting information from social media accounts or websites, which critics say can equate to theft or violate users’ privacy. Click here to read the article.

      • Another great article on how alternative data is paving its way across all investment categories, where fund managers are expected to spend $1 billion this year. ‘Traditional investment managers face three options, said Octavio Marenzi, Chief Executive Officer of Opimas, a capital-markets-focused management consulting firm. The first option is to embrace alternative data and effectively adopt a more quantitative approach. The second is to go into passive investing, tracking an index and abandoning research altogether. “And the third option is to go home and give up,” Click here to read the article.

      Events You Should Attend

      Alternative Data Conference

      • London on November 15th
      • Legal webinar on September 16th, at 9.30 am – 10.15 am EST.
      • The tenth edition of our Vendor Solutions webinar is on September 19th, at 11.30am ET – 12.30pm ET. 

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