Alternative Data Newsletter #30 – September 27th

Key Highlights 

Data Champions Online

  • Join Eagle Alpha and our data partners on how to ‘Unleash the Power of Externaldata’ on Wednesday, October 2nd at 2 pm ET/11 am PT.  The purpose of the webinar is to educate CDOs about the different types of alternative data and provide examples of how corporates are using it. 
  • This is a FREE, Live Online Event for Progressive Data & Analytics Business Leaders in partnership with Corinium Global Intelligence
  • The purpose of the webinar is to educate CDOs about the different types of alternative data and provide examples of how corporates are using it. 
  • Speakers include two vendors that are selling to corporates, the Chief AI Officer of an S&P500 company and McKinsey. 
  • Register now, and you’ll also secure complimentary on-demand access to all event content for you to re-watch at a convenient time. 

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Media Coverage

  • Last week our Founder and CEO Emmett Kilduff was invited by TD Ameritrade Network to speak on their TV show. He discussed the chatter around Apple TV+. 
  • Our analysis of twitter data and google search data shows that demand for the iPhone is bottoming and sentiment for the camera is particularly negative. 

Vendor Solutions Webinar

  • Announcing our first panelist for monthly vendor solutions webinar on October 31st between 11.30 am – 12.30 pm ET 

  • Herman Bots: Herman is an experienced Head of Equity with a demonstrated successful track record in the management of institutional equity portfolios with full integration of ESG factors. Skilled in Equity Research, Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Investment Management, and Leadership. 

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Alpha Capture

  • Last week we launched Alpha Capture at AI & Data Science in London. 
  • Alpha Capture is the first tool to help buy-side firms identify and prioritize datasets that deliver actionable, alpha-generating data.
  • With Alpha Capture, data vendors submit trade ideas or forward-looking use cases based on interesting insights from their datasets, which gives fund managers the first-ever opportunity to value alternative datasets and ascertain, at scale, the real potential for alpha.

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Alternative Data Conference

  • Join us at our London conference on the 15th of November. This innovative event will allow data vendors of alternative data to:
    • Present forward-looking use cases and trade ideas to assist the data buyers with prioritization. 
    • Present quality test results on interesting datasets.
    • One on One meetings with the data buyers.

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      Active Data Requests

      • Dataset that tracks music corporations.
      • Datasets tracking large industrial supply companies within the US
      • Monitoring S&P 500 futures and non-trade/satellite imagery datasets to track oil and gas industry 
      • Macro dataset for emerging markets: 
        • Predicting a country’s PPI, CPI, and PMI 

      • Data that monitors 
        • government spending in an economy 
        • corporate spend (capital expenditure) 

       Login to your Eagle Alpha account and update your dataset product information to generate exposure to the buy-side funds. If you do not have an Eagle Alpha account yet you can create one free of charge at the following link and market your product to the top investment funds. 

      Industry Intel

        • Thomas Cook Group, a 178-year old company, filed for bankruptcy this week after rescue funding talks failed. While many travelers and shareholders were caught by surprise, alternative data would have highlighted several red flags several months back. Four important data categories that could have been utilized here: consumer transaction, business insights, pricing and fare data, and App and web traffic data.   Since the announcement, the UK government is conducting a massive airlift to rescue stranded passengers by using chartered jetliners. Click here to read more. 

        • ESG category investors have derived a direct correlation between company culture and profits. While a few investors have their reservations about incorporating ESG into their investment strategies, Afsaneh Beschloss, CEO of The Rock Creek Group, and Clifton Robbins, CEO of Blue Harbour Group, highlighted the importance of ESG scores in a CNBC conference last week. ‘Shareholders are important and will always be incredibly important, but their highest returns will come if a company is good in its management, if a company is sustainable and has good governance.’ Click here to read more.  

        • It is not just investors using big data as big brands are also swiftly turning to big data to understand consumer choices. Many food products which were a matter of sample tasting are now making its way to mainstream food habits. Big companies like PepsiCo, Danone, and McDonald’s have used predictions from a data provider called Black Swan to filter noise from big data and predict early trends of mass adoption by customers. Click here to read the article.  

      Events You Should Attend

      Alternative Data Conference

      • London on November 15th
      • NYC on January 16th
      • The eleventh edition of the Vendor Solutions webinar is on October 31st, at 11.30 am ET – 12.30 pm ET. 
      • The twelfth edition of the Vendor Solutions Webinar in on November 21st, at 11.30 am ET – 12.30 pm ET. 

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