Alternative Data Newsletter #31 – October 4th

Key Highlights 

Private Equity Roundtable

  • Eagle Alpha is hosting a PrivateEquity roundtable event in London next Tuesday 8th October (5-7 pm) in Simmons & Simmons (Citypoint). 
  • The roundtable will discuss how alternative data is being used for private equity deal sourcing, due diligence, and post-acquisition value creation. It will be a good way for firms to see use cases and hear thoughts from other PE firms using alternative data. The panel will also include insights from data vendors.

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Sponsorship Announcement

  • Eagle Alpha is delighted to announce Advan Research Corporation as a sponsor at our Alternative Data Event in London on November 15th.
  • Advan is the leader in the Big Data geolocation space, enabling participants in the financial industry to analyze foot traffic data on over 2000 entities across multiple sectors, including consumer services, energy, technology, healthcare, REITS, financials, and others. Advan also produces weather and truck datasets

Alternative Data Conference

  • Join us at our London conference on the 15th of November. 
  • This innovative event will see 50 alternative data providers and over 150 data buyers come together for a comprehensive one-day event that includes vendor presentations on forward-looking trade ideas, quality test results on vendors and 1-on-1 meetings.
  • We are quickly filling up with the spaces. Register to book your place now.

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Vendor Solutions Webinar

  • Join Herman Bots for Eagle Alpha’s eleventh episode of Vendor Solutions webinar on October 31st between 11.30 am – 12.30 pm ET 
  • Herman is Head of Equity at APG Asset Management with a demonstrated successful track record in the management of institutional equity portfolios with full integration of ESG factors. Skilled in Equity Research, Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Investment Management, and Leadership. 

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Sample Data

  • In September over 100 vendors added full documentation to their Eagle Alpha profiles.
  • Vendors are encouraged to upload sample data, data dictionary, case studies, legal & compliance documents, whitepapers, and a marketing deck to their profile. 
  • A dataset profile that includes sample data, data dictionary, and relevant documents, will enable the buyer to understand the deliverable and decide if they want to contact the vendor.

Submit here your trade ideas

      Active Data Requests

      • Pharma dataset that helps in the understanding of the pharma sector as a whole.
      • HR-related database and use cases.
      • Ad spending data covering both television and digital media.
      • Credit instruments like bonds, CDS etc dataset having major coverage in the US.
      • Data that tracks music corporations.
      • Datasets tracking large industrial supply companies within the US
      • Monitoring S&P 500 futures and non-trade/satellite imagery datasets to track oil and gas industry 
      • Dataset that tracks GWW sales or pricing
      • US data center usage and pricing.
      • US and EU ATM usage covering withdrawals and the number of locations.
      • US telco tower tenancies.
      • Macro dataset for emerging markets: 
        • Predicting a country’s PPI, CPI, and PMI 

       Login to your Eagle Alpha account and update your dataset product information to generate exposure to the buy-side funds. If you do not have an Eagle Alpha account yet you can create one free of charge at the following link and market your product to the top investment funds. 

      Industry Intel

      • “To be an asset manager who survives, in the long run, you are going to have to be exceptional at gaining insights from massive amounts of data. The potential to outperform rivals has driven fund managers to consider a wider range of data points, away from traditional sources, such as financial information on the companies they invest in. Advances in computer technology and algorithms have allowed fund managers to look for signals in an ever more eclectic range of information.” Click here to read the article.

      • The recent article in Bloomberg highlights how hedge funds have started training traditional managers to use alternative data. The article refers to the panel discussion by Point72 at CNBC Delivering Alpha Conference, where Point 72 aggregated geolocation data and linked it to anonymous credit card data to generate signals for Dave & Busters’s Entertainment. Click here to read the article.

      • Forbes in this article states that how other industry sectors can explore the potential of alternative data. Till now the banking and investment sector has been actively making use of alternative data and building machine learning models. Industry sectors like travel companies, retailers can leverage alternative data to make strategic decisions and gain competitive advantage. Click here to read the article.

      Events You Should Attend

      Alternative Data Conference

      • London on November 15th
      • NYC on January 16th
      • The eleventh edition of the Vendor Solutions webinar is on October 31st, at 11.30 am ET – 12.30 pm ET. 
      • The twelfth edition of the Vendor Solutions Webinar in on November 21st, at 11.30 am ET – 12.30 pm ET. 


      • App data provider meeting funds at:
        • Tokyo on 17th and 18th of October
        • Singapore on 21st and 22nd October
        • Hong Kong on 23rd and 24th October
      • Advertising and B2B data provider meeting funds at:
        • NYC on 8th and 11th October
        • Boston on 10th October
      • Event detection data provider meeting funds at:
        • NYC on 16th and 17th October

      Roadshows yield higher conversion rates than any event. According to our roadshows in 2017 and 2018, the conversion rates to trials are over  60%. Contact to arrange your private roadshows with the funds. 

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