Consumer Intent Data Shows Walmart as a Clear Preference for Holiday Season

Best Buy, Amazon, Target, Kohl’s all Lag.

NEW YORK and LONDON, December 4, 2019 — Analysis of consumer intent data shows WalMart gaining momentum in key holiday season categories of children’s toys, children’s clothing and electronics. Meanwhile, other big-box retailers such as Best Buy, Target and Kohl’s are all showing weakness, as is internet behemoth Amazon.

Children’s Toys: Walmart gaining as others struggle

“If the trends apparent in the Consumer Insights data prove predictive, then the 2019 holiday season could see a significant shift in consumer shopping behavior for the seasonal staples of children’s toys, children’s clothing and electronics,” said Brendan Furlong, Senior Research Analyst at Eagle Alpha. “Over the course of 2019, we have seen Walmart gain share of preference when the consumer was asked where they shop most often for these categories. Other notable trends are Amazon showing weakness across all categories, and a significant pullback in preference for Best Buy in the electronics category.”

The analysis is provided by Eagle Alpha and uses alternative data provided by Prosper Insights & Analytics. The Prosper data is derived from 18 years of monthly polls of US consumers, providing a highly predictive and accurate view of the consumer. Eagle Alpha has partnered with Prosper to provide dashboards and analysis on the data, thus making this highly valuable data accessible to a much broader range of end-users.

Electronics: Best Buy weak, Walmart gaining

The dataset from Prosper Insights & Analytics is rich with consumer insights and retail information allowing a unique analysis of consumer behavior and signal that are not present in other datasets. “For years the retail industry has been using the data to great success, and we’re excited to now accelerate our efforts to bring the data to a broader market. Our partnership with Eagle Alpha brings a very compelling visualization of our data and allows users to easily digest and utilize company-level data and incorporate it into their daily workflow.” Said Gary Drenik, co-founder of Prosper Insights & Analytics.

Eagle Alpha is the leading provider of alternative data solutions to buyers and vendors. The Prosper Consumer Insight dashboards are available on the Eagle Edge platform developed by Eagle Alpha. These dashboards cover 12 consumer categories at launch and will expand to over 20 categories over time. Eagle Edge is an alternative data platform that makes datasets more readily consumable through intuitive dashboards tailored to each individual dataset. Through Eagle Edge, users can access dashboards on almost 3,000 companies for datasets such as online search, social media data, online pricing, and employment data.

“We are delighted to be announcing this partnership with Prosper Insights & Analytics, a really high-quality dataset with strong predictive value. Prosper fits perfectly with the goal of Data Analytics to ‘democratize data’ by providing our clients with powerful and actionable datasets in an easily digested format.” said Ronan Crosson, Director, Data Strategy & Analytics at Eagle Alpha.

Children’s Clothing: Walmart gaining, others flat or down



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