Alternative Data Newsletter #41 – December 13th

Key Highlights 

Few Spots Left For NYC Flagship Conference

  • Our conference in NYC on January 16th is now reaching capacity. A limited number of tickets are left. Register your interest NOW.
  • This will be our first event where all three verticals of data buyers will be catered for with presentations, workshops, and vendor meetings facilitating:
    • Buyside Funds.
    • Private Equity firms.
    • Corporates.


Key Speaker For NYC Flagship Conference

  • We are very happy to announce Jon Neitzell, Investor, Board Advisor and Founder of Anduril Partners, as a guest speaker on our Buyside stream at our NY Conference on January 16th.
  • Jonathan will be speaking on the very popular topic of “How to Create an Alternative Data Strategy”.
  • Don’t miss out on this and other exciting speakers for buy-side, private equity, and corporates.


NYC Conference Sponsor

  • We are pleased to announce Morningstar as a key sponsor of our flagship Alternative Data Conference in New York, Jan. 16th. We are excited to have them on board and to work with Gretchen Eastman and the team!
  • Morningstar, Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. The company offers an extensive line of products and services for individual investors, financial advisors, asset managers, retirement plan providers and sponsors, and institutional investors in the private capital markets.


Eco Christmas Decor

  • In our recent initiative, we went organic with our Christmas Decorations.
  • The event focussed on reducing plastic and waste.
  • Eagles discovered their fun and creative side and contributed to decorating the office with organic materials
  • The initiative was spearheaded By Abi OHuiginn

Active Data Requests

  • Data providers having Europe as coverage:
    • Linking online browsing behavior to offline store visits/purchases.
      • It could be about web panels linked to transactions/credit data or people’s movement data.
  • Datasets that help understand direct marketing effectiveness (ie: how effective was a leaflet campaign)
    • Anything from weather sources and databases of competitor direct mail promotions could be useful
  • Staff planning/scheduling and inventory prediction
    • A source that has event and holiday data across Europe, and some footfall predictions by store and time of day.
    • Datasets that could help clients create something that helps understand inventory levels (especially around super fresh food/veg)
  • Customer-360: Knowing more about your customer post-GDPR
    • Anyone in Europe that gives an individual-level view of a person
  • In-store analytics
    • Any computer vision data providers that can use security cameras or other tech to get more granular than cell phone data on in-store movement.
    • Vendor who has cracked the elevation problem with GPS data in multi-story malls, or has a way to distribute and install sensors/beacons easily.
  • Vendors who have historical hotel bookings data (price and bookings) in the Bahamas and have history back to 2007/2008.
  • Dataset that relates to the UK election.
  • Data vendors with insight into the CBD industry.

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Industry Intel

  • Interesting insight from the Schroders Data Insights Unit on geo-location and satellite data. ‘Geospatial data science is a fast-growing area of data science and is rich with potential insights for investors. Geospatial analysis is used widely within Schroders across multiple investment desks. Click here to read the article.
  • “’Alternative data, properly managed, can yield information advantage and alpha. There are numerous examples where the use of alternative data improve predictability of financial outcomes (earnings for individual companies and macro-economic metrics) over analysts’ consensus expectations. When properly matched with portfolio management strategies, information advantage can generate alpha.’ Click here to read the article.
  • “Using that gets you inside the boardroom of the company,” says Eagle Alpha founder and chief executive Emmett Kilduff. “You can’t just rely solely on the data sets, but it is definitely a significant advantage.” Data from unofficial or noncompany sources can offer investors key insights about an investment and shouldn’t be ignored. Click here to read the article.

Events You Should Attend

Alternative Data Conference

  • NYC on January 16th,2020
  • The thirteenth edition of Vendor Solutions Webinar is on January 30th, at 11.30 am ET – 12.30 pm ET.

Contact to register your interest for the event.