Alternative Data Newsletter #150 – January 3rd, 2020

Key Highlights

  • Keynote Speaker: we are delighted to announce Doug Laney, Principal Data Strategist at Caserta, as the keynote speaker at our NYC conference on January 16th. Mr. Laney, formerly a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst with Gartner’s Chief Data Officer advisory team, and co-founder of the Deloitte Analytics Institute, is considered a data and analytics authority and “Father of Infonomics”. Read more about his book on Infonomics here.
  • Expert Hub: we have 14 experts confirmed for the Expert Hub stream at our upcoming conference in New York, with many more to be confirmed ahead of the event. The Expert Hub stream will provide attendees an opportunity to engage our expert speakers in an informal roundtable format on topics such as data science and data engineering for alternative data. Register your interest at
  • Research Analyst Thoughts: Eagle Alpha’s Director of Data Strategy & Analytics Ronan Crosson was on Bloomberg radio this week discussing our views on the streaming wars and the likely winners and losers based on our analysis of alterative data. Reach out for a copy of the analysis or to speak with our analysts.
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Quality Screening

We performed a quality test of company filings with SEC. Some interesting cyclical trends appeared: an increase in resignations across all directors and officers during the 2007-2009 financial crisis (as well as recently) and a propensity for board members that hold no other role in the company to retire most frequently in the Spring time every year. Apparently, spring cleaning happens at the board level too.


With Alpha Capture, data vendors submit trade ideas or forward-looking use cases based on interesting insights from their datasets, which gives fund managers the first-ever opportunity to value alternative datasets and ascertain, at scale, the real potential for alpha. Email to learn more. 


This vendor provides consumer data derived from nearly 25m UK-based customers. The data coverage includes vehicle ownership, building insurance, shopping habits etc.. Our Data Sourcing clients can view the full profile here.


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Using our Eagle Edge dashboard on consumer insights, we show the trends within the US electronics retail sector. While consumer results for Best Buy have been in decline since mid-2017 the responses have taken a sharp turn to the downside in the October quarter. Consumers also appear to be drifting away from Amazon for electronics purchases. Walmart has a level of consumer preference consistent with recent years.

Legal & Compliance

We held a survey among our clients to determine the legal topics of interest for Q1 2020. Some of the answers are highlighted below:

  • Alternative data in Latin America.
  • Compliance / due diligence in respect to restricting data use, rectification and erase of data.
  • Web crawled data.
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Alpha Workshops

  • January 23rd: Workshop on ESG Data.
  • February 27th: Workshop on Satellite Imagery Data.
  • March 26th: Workshop on IoT Data.

Upcoming Events

Eagle Alpha’s Alternative Data Conferences:

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