Alternative Data Newsletter #44 – 10th January

Key Highlights 

The agenda for our NYC conference on January 16th is our best in 5 years. Excited that we have dedicated streams for the buy-side, private equity, and corporates.

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NYC Alternative Data Conference

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  • This will be our first event where all three verticals of data buyers will be catered for with presentations, workshops, and vendor meetings facilitating:
    • Buyside Funds.
    • Private Equity firms.
    • Corporates.


Pre-Conference Vendor Workshop

  • Eagle Alpha is organizing a complimentary pre-conference workshop on 15th January for registered partner vendors of NYC conference.
  • The workshop will be a teach-in on pitching your product and post-event sales follow through.
  • We’ll be joined by a panel of industry veterans with vast buy-side experience who will share their expert opinions and will answer any questions.
  • Become a referral partner to secure the last spot.


Vendor Solutions Webinar

  • Join our guest speakers to gain key insights into how to succeed in the alternative data space. The webinar will be hosted at 11:30 am ET on the 30th of January.
  • Our first panelist Ian Arvin is the founder and CEO of Innovative Quant Solutions, LLC. Ian has extensively worked with FinTech, Alternative Data Providers, Hedge Funds, Institutional Asset Managers, Family Office and Advisors to lead corporate strategy, design algorithms, investment products, authored forensic white papers, enhanced portfolio management processes, and positioned and sold products to a range of significant financial organizations.
  • Our second panelist  Tom Diamond, President and Co-Founder of RS Metrics that invented and pioneered large-scale quantitative analysis of satellite imagery and other geospatial data for business and investors. Tom has helped the company from inception to a global leader and recognized brand in alternative data, with hundreds of the world’s largest and most sophisticated investment, corporate, academic, and government customers, and distribution partners such as Bloomberg, CME, and Nasdaq.

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Active Data Requests

  • Healthcare data to predict earnings for life science companies capturing:
    • Pharma and device manufacturers
    • Hospitals and insurers in the US
    • Clinical trial data
  • Healthcare data to measure unit sales, market share, therapy switches, patient outcomes or quality of care:
    • Data on hospital billing or electronic medical record
    • Extract prescription and medical claims
  • EMEA transactions data
  • ESG data:
    •  ESG raw datasets focused on private companies
    • High-frequency raw datasets on carbon emissions, climate conditions, operating activities that use sustainable methods, etc.
  • US Telcos
    • High-frequency data to track the number of business customers of US telcos, dollars spend/customer and services procured by these businesses
  • Insurance data covering China, the UK, and the USA:
    • A dataset that tracks the growth of customers, policies, renewal rates, and policy cancellations.
  • Job growth/posting data, with a rich history going back to 2008
  • European consumer and business transactions data (B2C and B2B)- high frequency

 Login to your Eagle Alpha account and update your dataset product information to generate exposure to the buy-side funds. If you do not have an Eagle Alpha account yet you can create one free of charge at the following link and market your product to the top investment funds. 

Industry Intel

  • Confusion reigns as companies struggle to comply with CCPA which came in force from 1st January. ‘Despite lobbying by tech groups to water down the initial bill, the cost of legal work, upgrading cyber insurance policies and of setting up systems to handle the data access requests is expected to be burdensome.’ Click here to read the article.
  • Apple has launched the new notification to make its user conscious of of their location data. ‘Apple touted the new notifications as a way to make users more mindful of how much tracking goes on even when they aren’t using their phones. Each notification gives users the option to let the app use their location data only when it is in use or if they agree for the app to track their locations at all times.’ Click here to read the article.
  • While the majority of organizations have complied to GDPR as a compliance checklist, but are lacking to internalized its spirit. The article suggests that GDPR should now focus on encouraging good companies to do good things and reshape data markets. ‘The GDPR’s biggest drawback is that its core principle, enshrining meaningful consent, can in no sense be considered meaningful if users do not enjoy genuinely choice. Accepting impenetrable legalese in return for a service does not confer any greater rights on users given the wildly lopsided nature of almost all online contracts.’ Click here to read the article.

Events You Should Attend

Alternative Data Conference

  • NYC on January 16th,2020
  • The thirteenth edition of Vendor Solutions Webinar is on January 30th, at 11.30 am ET – 12.30 pm ET.

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