Alternative Data Newsletter #45 – 17th January

Key Highlights 

A full house at our flagship Alternative Data Conference yesterday in NYC with 800 attendees.
On 15th January we hosted a complimentary pre-vendor workshop for our vendor partners and clients

NYC Conference Testimonials

  • ‘Started off 2020 with yet another great event hosted by Eagle Alpha in the city that never sleeps. Don’t sleep on our innovation data – “data is an asset”.’- My AnhPatenstsight
  • Eagle Alpha 2020, kicking off a full dance card with financials. Doug Laney  keynote, expands on the novel ‘data is an asset’.- Mathew Varghese, Director Financial Services, YouGov

Pre-Conference Vendor Workshop

  • We hosted a successful pre-conference vendor workshop, we witnessed an attendance of 75.
  • The workshop guided vendors on buyer’s expectations, pitch in of product on the day of the event, and post-event sales follow-up.
  • ‘Crash course on pitching buy-side for the now 800 registered participants for tomorrow’s Eagle Alpha event in New York.’ Bonnie Lyn de Bartok, Founder, and CEO at S Factor Co.

Vendor Solutions Webinar

  • Join our guest speakers to gain key insights into how to succeed in the alternative data space. The webinar will be hosted at 11:30 am ET on the 30th of January.
  • Our first panelist Ian Arvin is the founder and CEO of Innovative Quant Solutions, LLC. Ian has extensively worked with FinTech, Alternative Data Providers, Hedge Funds, Institutional Asset Managers, Family Office and Advisors to lead corporate strategy, design algorithms, investment products, authored forensic white papers, enhanced portfolio management processes, and positioned and sold products to a range of significant financial organizations.
  • Our second panelist  Tom Diamond, President and Co-Founder of RS Metrics that invented and pioneered large-scale quantitative analysis of satellite imagery and other geospatial data for business and investors. Tom has helped the company from inception to a global leader and recognized brand in alternative data, with hundreds of the world’s largest and most sophisticated investment, corporate, academic, and government customers, and distribution partners such as Bloomberg, CME, and Nasdaq.

Contact to register for the webinar

Active Data Requests

  • Consumer of future data having coverage in US, UK, Germany, China, India, and Indonesia:
    • Consumer influence in their decision journey (e.g., by family, influencers, artificial intelligence, exposure to marketing) and how will this evolve:
      • The different paths people take to a purchase various consumer goods categories through digital marketing, word of mouth, etc. Could be a combination of web panel data, ad data, surveys/consumer insight, social, and technographic data.
    • Driving factor behind consumption decision in this sector (e.g. channel, occasions, physical need):
      • Sources that share purchasing patterns across categories of consumer goods (at the merchant or SKU level) coupled with intent signals/surveys
    • Channel dynamics evolve in this sector and who will have the main access to the consumer (e.g., offline vs omni, platforms, marketplaces/access over ownership etc.):
      • Sources that can tell  which channels are used to purchase specific SKUs by different types of demographics over time and the emergence of different channels over time (eg: The number of second-hand marketplace websites over time for shoes/bags)
    • Consumers expect their buying experience to be, what will be the expectation on a seamless experience:
      • Readily available market research data
    • Purchases that the consumer value and still pay attention to, what purchases will be viewed to have lower relevance and receive a different behavior, (e.g., be delegated to AI-powered assistants).
  • Healthcare data to predict earnings for life science companies capturing:
    • Pharma and device manufacturers
    • Hospitals and insurers in the US
    • Clinical trial data
  • Healthcare data to measure unit sales, market share, therapy switches, patient outcomes or quality of care:
    • Data on hospital billing or electronic medical record
    • Extract prescription and medical claims
  • Data to track Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) on Japanese e-commerce websites like PayPay Mall.

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Industry Intel

  • ‘After last year’s deluge of financial technology megadeals, investors wondered if the boom could continue into 2020. This week, Visa Inc.’s $5.3 billion acquisition of Plaid Inc. offered an answer: Yes.’ Click here to read the article.
  • ‘Today, Bumble is the second-most popular dating app in the U.S., behind Tinder. The company says it has 81 million users in 150 countries, though only 11 million of them use the app at least once a month, according to mobile analytics company App Annie Inc.’ Click here to read the article.

Events You Should Attend

  • The thirteenth edition of Vendor Solutions Webinar is on January 30th, at 11.30 am ET – 12.30 pm ET.

Contact to register your interest for the event.