Alternative Data Newsletter #152 – January 24th, 2020

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Our flagship Alternative Data Conference was held last week in NYC and was our biggest to date.

Some key stats from the conference:

  • 800 registered attendees
  • 2,500 1-on-1 sales meetings between data vendors and data buyers
  • 500 buyers from Buyside firms, PE firms and Corporates
  • 100 hand-picked data vendors out of >1,200 data vendors on our platform
  • 30 round-tables led by experts
  • 5 content streams: 1-on-1s, Buyside, PE, Corporates and Expert Hub

We are hosting a round-up webinar Today at 11am ET that will cover the key takeaways and observations. The agenda will include:

  1. Data companies in demand
  2. CEO observations
  3. Audience polls
  4. Expert Hub takeaways
  5. Alpha Capture results

If you are interested in attending register here.

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Quality Screening

Eagle Eye reports are available on our Data Sourcing platform. Clients can now view detailed reports on the quality of 20 alternative datasets with a B2B dataset being the latest addition. Please click on this link.


With Alpha Capture, data vendors submit trade ideas or forward-looking use cases based on interesting insights from their datasets, which gives fund managers the first-ever opportunity to value alternative datasets and ascertain, at scale, the real potential for alpha. Alpha Capture will feature at our NYC conference next week with 20 vendors pitching predictions. Email to learn more.


This vendor provides a collection of over 300,000 clinical trial records across more than 3,700 disease areas covering every company that has registered a clinical trial in the US in the last 15 years. Our Data Sourcing clients can view the full profile here.


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The chart shows the Sales Signal dashboard for Under Armour. It remains in a downtrend that began last April contrasting with consensus same store sales, which is forecasted to be 6% up.

Case Study

In the July quarter of 2019 the Sales Signal for ROST had been inflecting to the upside for two quarters, after being flat for much of 2018. The strong inflection of consumer search interest over two quarters indicated better demand trends for the company, particularly when compared to expectations for July same store sales to be flat with April quarter levels of 2%. The company reported same store sales of 3% in the July quarter and 5% in the October quarter, both quarters ahead of expectations.

Legal & Compliance

Three members of Congress are demanding the FTC to investigate Envestnet Yodlee and determine whether its aggregation and sale of personal financial data is breaking any laws. Their concern is that the company is not doing enough to notify consumers that their data is being sold to third parties, in violation of the FTC Acts.

Alpha Workshops

  • February 27th: Workshop on Satellite Imagery Data.
  • March 26th: Workshop on IoT Data.