Alternative Data Newsletter #164 – April 17th, 2020

Key Highlights

  • New Resources Section: we are delighted to launch a new resources section of our website. You will find white papers, videos, case studies, articles as well as third party reports. Visit to find out more.
  • Conference Videos: three videos from our COVID-19 conference are openly available on our website –
    • Fireside chat with Robin Wigglesworth.
    • Dr. Chih-Hung Jason Wang on lessons from Taiwan.
    • Robert Marsh on how COVID-19 will impact ESG investing.
  • Geolocation Data: with the COVID-19 outbreak, Eagle Alpha has seen a surge in requests for geolocation data. Our Head of Bespoke Projects, Dean Barr, has extensive experience working with geolocation data. His most recent article seeks to explain methods of data collection used by GDS providers and advice on selecting the GDS provider that can most accurately address your research question with the best possible approach. Access the article via this link.
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Quality Testing

This vendor provides hourly aggregated footfall counts for locations of over 700 entities, including consumer-facing stores, company offices, and public transit centres. We aggregated footfall on an hour-of-day basis by countries and companies and were able to test heuristic location-specific measures of accuracy, such as the drop-off in footfall (see plot) at retailers such as H&M and IKEA in Germany on Sundays due to “Ladenschlussgesetz” or “Shop Closing Law.”


The latest Alpha Capture sheet is now live and the majority of ideas have a significant focus on the impact of COVID-19 on companies, sectors and the economy. Some of the ideas were discussed at our COVID-19 conference last week. Clients of our Data Strategy offering can access the recording of this session via this link


This vendor provides geolocation data from over 2 billion place events per month. The data highlights individuals’ most frequently-visited locations by Brand, Category, and Sub-Category to provide insights on the consumer journey. Our Data Sourcing clients can view the full profile here.


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Eagle Alpha’s weekly COVID-19 Sales Signal dashboard is showing a strong rebound in consumer search across consumer retail segments through the week ended April 5th. Some sectors are recovering more strongly than others. Within sectors, some tickers like HD and AEO are showing strong search trends while others, like RH and DBI, are still lagging. The full report can be accessed via this link.

Case Study

On January 18th, 2019 Eagle Alpha published a report on consumer behaviour data around the holiday season in the US that showed the “Amazon Effect Gathers Steam”. Consumer shopping preference for clothing for both men and women had inflected in favour of Amazon from retailers like Kohls, Walmart and Target. The shift in consumer preference was particularly evident for women.

Legal & Compliance

Our upcoming legal webinar in collaboration with Lowenstein Sandler will be held on April 30th on the topic of compliance considerations in Latin America. Email us to find out more –

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Alpha Workshops

  • April 23rd: Workshop on IoT Data.
  • May 14th: Workshop on traditional datasets.

Legal Webinar

  • April 30th: Compliance Considerations in Latin America.

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