Alternative Data Newsletter #171 – June 12th, 2020

Key Highlights

Last chance to register for our upcoming “Data on Data” Webinar with Man Group, June 15th.

 Download Edition 3 of our COVID-19 Report covering key takeaways from Day 2 of Eagle Alpha’s Virtual Data Conference.

COVID-19 Report Edition 3 is Live!

Edition 3 of our COVID-19 Report is now available on our website. The report outlines key uses of alternative data to track the impact and recovery from the coronavirus.


The latest edition features new ‘quick take’ case studies as well as key takeaways from Day 2 of Eagle Alpha’s Virtual Data Conference hosted May 20th 2020.

The Data on Data – Man Group and Eagle Alpha Webinar

Man Group and Eagle Alpha co-authored a new paper entitled “The Data on Data”. Given the interest in the paper we are hosting a live webinar on June 15th at 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT to discuss the key takeaways.

Data Strategy Update

Reports published in the last week include a discussion of cost saving opportunities and a legal article discussing data challenges in China. Recent video content includes an interview with an expert on engineering for alternative data, and presentations from our recent virtual conference discussing new datasets that have come to market recently and datasets coming to market in the near future.

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