Alternative Data Newsletter #66 – 26th June

Key Highlights 

Yesterday on Thursday 25th June 11.30 – 12.30 ET we hosted our vendor solutions webinar. We were joined by Elizabeth Pritchard, Nathan Chang, and Shruti Thaker.  The panel discussed the importance of standardized documents for discovery and prioritization of datasets. FISD has developed a standard tearsheet and due diligence document for the buy-side to evaluate the datasets. To learn more about FISD standards contact our team.

Key Takeaways From The Webinar

  • Our panel discussion was joined by:

    Key takeaways from the panel discussion:

    • FISD is helping to remove friction between the buyers and vendors and helping the buyside to evaluate datasets faster and helping in getting data to the end- user in a timely and efficient manner.
    • Standardization across all data vendors helps analysts to start doing research that is necessary for them to make a decision which erstwhile was spent on researching about datasets. It makes it easier for buy-side to evaluate more datasets and consider smaller vendors who have come to market.
    • Vendor tearsheet helps business analysts within buy-side to eliminate the friction between them and vendors and increased chances to look at the vendor’s data.

Vendor Platform Update

  • Our platform has updated the fields and now are in line with FISD tearsheet. Our vendors are advised to log-in to the platform and update their profiles to receive more traction from the buyers.
  • Alpha Capture submissions can now be made via the vendor portal. To submit alpha capture login to your account, click on alpha capture and fill the form.
  • Login on the platform to update your profile.


Covid-19 Report

Edition 3 of our COVID-19 Report is now available on our website. The report outlines key uses of alternative data to track the impact and recovery from the coronavirus.

The latest edition features new ‘quick take’ case studies, as well as key takeaways from Day 2 of Eagle Alpha’s Virtual Data Conference, hosted May 20th, 2020.

If you have not already requested a copy please do so here.



Industry Intel

  • ‘When firms have data that updates in realtime I usually point them in this direction. If the data is for equity or asset trading the timeliness of the updates is what matters. The graph represents the latency curve with respect to data. Initially data for market uses has the property of being more valuable within the initial stages of distribution to the user. As the data diffuses into a market the associated value with respect to asset prices it may influence, becomes priced in to the market. At some point on the curve, which may be over milliseconds, minutes or days, the value of the data falls to its lowest point.’ Click here to read the article.
  • ‘March saw Apollo quickly pour money into high-quality credit securities whose prices were cut in half as buyers vanished. Zelter and John Zito, co-head of global corporate credit, had created the strategy-called Accord – in 2015 to invest in opportunities that they thought would arise because of market structure problems.’ Click here to read the article.
  • ‘Larger asset managers with over GBP250 million in AUM tend to have more sophisticated data capabilities, often employing more than twice the number of data management staff than small and medium-sized firms, and nearly a fifth (18 per cent) having appointed a Chief Data Officer’. Click here to read the article.

 Events You Should Attend

  • Vendor solutions webinar on 25th June at 11.30 – 12.30 ET
  • Virtual data conference on 8th, 9th, 10th of September,2020

Contact to learn more.