Alternative Data Newsletter #67 – 3rd July

Key Highlights 

“Data doesn’t sell itself”. This is the title of Eagle Alpha’s first blog!
The significant increase in spend has attracted new entrants to the alternative data space. Data exchanges have been launched by traditional Wall Street data firms, stock exchanges and more recently cloud companies.

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Eagle Alpha Blog

  • Thought leader’s views on the challenges of the dataset sales process,  priorities for data exchanges, and dataset sales three year from now.
    • “Many clients are interested in seeing the data in action, revealing an insight or identifying an early trend. Working through these examples and tailoring them to different types of buyers is tricky, but ultimately worthwhile.” Benjamin Zweig, CEO at Revleio Labs
    • “For more complex datasets it may make sense, for the data vendors, to do the heavy lifting for the potential buyers and create easier to use products. This could include sharing your backtesting results, nuances that are known to exist in the data, where the data is very strong/not as strong and even providing actual algorithms to help them with their testing and normalization. “Darren Voges, Data Strategy Consultant
    • “In the more frequent case, datasets need to prove they are fit for purpose: do they provide insights that are specific to the decision type and style of the intended user? For example, with a buyside client, what is the coverage, timeliness, frequency, quality and informativeness of the data? This is the part where data needs to get sold on its merits – often in an involved multi-stage ‘value proof’ process” Raghav Madhavan, Chief Scientist and President of Alto Meta Consulting”

July Vendor Solutions Webinar

  • Our July vendor solutions webinar will focus on ‘Legal & Compliance’.
  • Our panelist will discuss how adoption of DDQ and Trial Agreements are helping the buyside to shorten the sales cycle.

Register your interest at We will send you a calendar invite.

Vendor Platform Update

  • Our platform has updated the fields and now are in line with FISD tearsheet. Our vendors are advised to log-in to the platform and update their profiles to receive more traction from the buyers.
  • Alpha Capture submissions can now be made via the vendor portal. To submit alpha capture login to your account, click on alpha capture and fill the form.
  • DDQ are now available for buyside to access from vendor profile
  • Login on the platform to update your profile.

Industry Intel

  • ‘Large multi-strategy hedge funds have posted double-digit gains for the first half of the year, reversing losses from March, as markets defied the economic downturn brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.’ Click here to read the article.
  • ‘The crisis has seen a rise in interest in ESG investing, shining the spotlight on the role good business plays in society. We analyse the implications of COVID-19 for the economy and society, through the lens of sustainability.’ Click here to read the article.
  • ‘Europe’s economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic is well under way, according to sentiment indicators, high-frequency measures and hard data — but activity remains far below normal levels, suggesting that the recovery from recession will be a struggle.’ Click here to read the article.

 Events You Should Attend

  • Vendor solutions webinar on 25th June at 11.30 – 12.30 ET
  • Virtual data conference on 8th, 9th, 10th of September,2020

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