Alternative Data Newsletter #81- 9th October

Key Highlights

This Week’s Highlights

    • December 1st-4th, 2020 Virtual Data Conference:  All new format!  Save-the-date!
    • New Podcast Series- Profiting From Data
    • Trial data helping to solve the access challenge

    If you are interested to learn more, please contact us.

We are pleased to announce that our Winter Virtual Data Conference will be held on December 1st-4th, 2020.  

Save-the-date for our December Virtual Data Conference which will be 4 half days dedicated to industry specific topics.  Each half day will be dedicated to sectors including data vendors, buyside, private equity, and corporates.

As always, we will be assembling the highest caliber speakers to impart their insights and expertise on the most compelling issues in the alternative and external data universe.

Be on the look-out for agenda and registration announcements!

If you are interested in participating please contact us.

Eagle Alpha is proud to announce a new podcast series, Profiting From Data, featuring top data vendors, buyers and experts!

  • We are excited to be launching our podcasts series hosted by Emmett Kilduff, CEO of Eagle Alpha, speaking with guests about profiting from data.
  • The podcasts are engaging discussions centered around our speaker’s industry perspectives, engagement and experience with data, use cases, forward predictions and much more.

Featured speakers at launch are:

  • Jake Graham, Principal PM at Azure Data, Microsoft
  • Matt Glickman, VP Data Marketplace, Consumer Product Strategy, Snowflake
  • Hinesh Kalian, Head of Data Strategy, hedge fund Man Group
  • Toby Dayton, President & CEO, data vendor LinkUp
  • Bill Pecoriello, Founder & CEO, data vendor Consumer Edge

Please enjoy these episodes with Emmett and our revered guests.

Our podcasts can be found on our website and:

Our Trial Data Launch In September Is Proving To Solve The Access Challenge

We are now delivering over 20 trial datasets and are firmly on track to have 50 datasets available on our platform by the end of 2020. We can deliver these via AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake and FTP.

If you are interested to learn more, please contact us.

Industry Intel

  • ‘After a period of economic weakness in August and September, the pace of recovery in most advanced economies gained traction in the past two weeks, though activity is still far below pre-Covid levels, according to Bloomberg Economics gauges that integrate high-frequency data such as credit-card use, travel and location information. Germany and Japan remain at the forefront of the recovery and activity has also increased in France, Italy, and Spain. After months of stagnation, the U.S. is now seeing its recovery pace accelerate, while Canada and the U.K. are now the worst-performing advanced economies BE is tracking’ Click here to read the article.
  • ‘Sure, using TikTok to create a harmless video of yourself dancing to the latest pop hit is all in good fun. But because the app is on your phone, the app has access to a lot of other information about you, such as your location, contacts, phone number, what stores you like to visit and other behavioral data.’ Click here to read the article.

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