Analytical Tools enable clients to do proprietary research into items like product launches and elections. In addition, we have a proprietary algorithm that enables clients to build databases of experts.

Examples of client challenges that our Analytical Tools can address:

  • Traditional surveys weren’t great for Brexit or the US election. How can data on the web give insights into the Dutch and French elections?
  • How can we analyze what millions of consumers think about Samsung’s upcoming product launch?
  • We spend too much money on expert networks so we want to build our own database of experts.

Eagle Alpha offers clients 3 analytical tools:

Web Queries. Clients can obtain analytics applied to 90 million web sources e.g. blogs, forums, review sites, images sites, video sites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Macro clients can use this tool to help understand higher level themes such as people’s views regarding elections. Discretionary analysts can use this tool to understand longer term consumer trends, or consumer reactions to product launches.

Digital Expert Network. We built an algorithm that identifies experts on Twitter (using more than a billion data points) for specific topics e.g. audiology, Zika virus, China macro, autonomous cars. Clients use this tool to build their own databases of experts to contact.

Search Tool. We have over 3 years’ experience working with online search data. For example, we have 8 macro indices that are designed to improve the predictive power of client models. This experience is being productized into a tool that will enable clients to easily build their own proprietary macro indices based on online search data.

Unique Selling Point

Our analysts, who used to work on the sellside or buyside and have 4 years’ experience working with alternative data, are available to help clients tailor the analytical tools to their specific needs.

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