Alternative Data Newsletter #157 – February 27th, 2020

We are delighted to announce that the date for our next flagship NYC conference has been confirmed. The conference is taking place on May 20th at Convene, Liberty St. Downtown NYC. The conference will be our biggest and most impressive to date going from 800 to 1,000 registered attendees and from 100 to 150 data vendors. There is an exciting line-up with high-profile keynote speakers and the popular dedicated Buyside, PE and Corporate Streams covering topics from industry-leading Data Experts. Our Expert Hub will be back by popular demand.

Alternative Data Newsletter #156 – February 21st, 2020

Eagle Alpha published its second Corporate Whitepaper “How Innovative Corporates Use External Data To Enhance Decision-Making”. The paper discusses corporate use cases for external data across corporate departments and builds on discussions from corporate break-out sessions at Eagle Alpha’s January 2020 New York Conference. To find out how innovative corporates are using external data download our whitepaper at this link.

Alternative Data Newsletter #154 – February 7th, 2020

Key Highlights Eagle Alpha’s APAC Conference in Sydney: we are delighted to announce our upcoming conference in Sydney. It will be held on April 2nd. Key Statistics for Sydney’s Conference: 150 data buyers 40 data providers 10 trade prediction presentations 400 1-on-1 meetings Register your interest at Data Strategy Webinar on the Coronavirus Outbreak: In the wake of China’s … Read more

Alternative Data Newsletter #152 – January 24th, 2020

Our flagship Alternative Data Conference was held last week in NYC and was our biggest to date.
Some key stats from the conference: 

800 registered attendees
2,500 1-on-1 sales meetings between data vendors and data buyers
500 buyers from Buyside firms, PE firms and Corporates
100 hand-picked data vendors out of >1,200 data vendors on our platform
30 round-tables led by experts
5 content streams: 1-on-1s, Buyside, PE, Corporates and Expert Hub

Alternative Data Newsletter #150 – January 3rd, 2020

We are delighted to announce Doug Laney, Principal Data Strategist at Caserta, as the keynote speaker at our NYC conference on January 16th. Mr. Laney, formerly a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst with Gartner’s Chief Data Officer advisory team, and co-founder of the Deloitte Analytics Institute, is considered a data and analytics authority and “Father of Infonomics”. Read more about his book on Infonomics here.

Alternative Data Newsletter #148 – December 13th, 2019

We are delighted to announce that Eagle Alpha’s New York conference will now include an Expert Hub stream. This will serve as a breakout room where attendees can meet with experts and speakers from our various panel sessions in a more informal small group/roundtable format. This will provide an opportunity for a more technical conversation that should appeal to engineers and data scientists at buyer firms, as well as those in strategic roles.