Bespoke Projects enable clients to commission specific analysis using alternative data.

Examples of client challenges that Bespoke Projects can address:

  • We need to see an ROI on a simple project before we commit significant capital to alternative data.
  • Our firm does not have the skills in-house to work with alternative datasets. We need a partner.
  • Sometimes we don’t have the capacity in-house, and so prefer to outsource research to a firm that specializes in data analytics.

Examples of Bespoke Projects include:

  • Evaluate predictive power of datasets: evaluate whether a dataset can yield insights into quarterly corporate revenues, or can signal revisions in consensus revenue estimates.
  • Derive quantitative insights:  identify and quantify consumer and business trends (employment, for example).  Geographical distribution of sales, industry pricing trends, social media engagement, and many other business activities can be analyzed by Eagle Alpha using newly available data sources.
  • Data access: Eagle Alpha can help you access data by introducing data providers, aiding in compliance approval, and setting up APIs, data feeds, and/or cloud storage.
  • Data preparation: Eagle Alpha can clean, filter, and segment datasets according to your research needs.
  • Crawled data: source proprietary data from the web using web crawling. Eagle Alpha has been crawling the web since 2015 and can work with its crawling partner to execute your projects in a legally compliant fashion. Web crawling projects could focus on gathering price and market share figures for consumer goods, monitor store locations and hours of operation, or any other company relevant information you would like to monitor. Eagle Alpha can also help identify historical data to backfill datasets.
  • Search indicators: build custom indicators based on online search data. For example, Eagle Alpha can build a demand indicator for an enterprise or retail product, or for macro topics such as wage inflation and mortgage applications. Eagle Alpha has been building online search based indicators since 2014.
  • Product launches/brand sentiment: track consumer interest in product launches or trends in brand sentiment. For example, Eagle Alpha could produce a monthly report that summarizes consumer interest in Adidas footwear versus Nike footwear. Eagle Alpha’s Web Queries tool is able to query 90 million web sources to identify ongoing conversations, topics of discussion, and sentiment.  Online reviews can provide insights into customer and brand satisfaction.
  • Experts: find the experts on any topic. Eagle Alpha’s recommender system can identify experts on even the most obscure topics. Eagle Alpha can set up news and blog feeds to monitor commentary from these experts, as well as identify means to contact them directly.
  • Training: can be provided on any of the data types available to investors; on programs such as Tableau, R, and Python; and on analytical processes used to identify predictive capabilities of datasets.
  • Recruitment: job spec creation, introductions to headhunters and candidates, screening candidates, interviewing and recommending hires.

There are four steps to Eagle Alpha’s Bespoke Projects:

Step 1:

We schedule a brief discussion with clients to understand their research questions and requirements. The work is carried out by Shannon Callan. Shannon was Director of Equity Research at TCW Group, a $185bn investment manager based in LA. Shannon has been working with alternative data since 2011.

Step 2:

Eagle Alpha presents a needs-based proposal including the scope of work to be done, and an estimate of costs as well as time frame.

Step 3:

Once an agreement is reached on a plan of action, and bespoke project credits are purchased, work on your project commences.

Step 4:

Projects are frequently completed in stages as the results from one stage may determine the next steps. Analysis is delivered via written reports, spreadsheets, and conference calls.

Unique Selling Point

Eagle Alpha is uniquely positioned to deliver bespoke research and data projects to asset managers.  Eagle Alpha’s data scientists and data engineers provide technical know-how.  Eagle Alpha’s data sourcing team lends its breadth of knowledge of the data market.  Eagle Alpha’s relationships with data owners facilitate access to data.  At the same time, Bespoke Projects are confidential and are not shared with Eagle Alpha analysts.

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