Eagle Alpha can be the outsourced data science team of a buyside firm or complement an internal team. There are four types of bespoke projects: 1) Strategic Investment Integration Projects; 2) Research Questions; 3) Data Assignments; and 4) Alternative Data Driven Modules.

Strategic Investment Integration Projects

Client question: “As a fundamental research shop with no experience using alt data how do we get started and is there a way to extract value without a large investment?”

Strategic Investment Integration Projects

Client questions: “Which enterprise software companies are most actively growing their salesforce?”, “which clothing retailers are seeing an increase in online ordering?”

Data Assignments

Client questions: “What is the best source for accurate satellite oil tanker and storage data?”, “is there a source for IoT data that is geographically specific?”

Alternative Data Driven Models

Client question: “Can I see the effectiveness of the launch strategy in e-commerce of company XYZ?”, can you build a credit default model on alternative data?”