Alternative Data Newsletter #125 – July 5th, 2019

We are seeing high demand for employment related datasets across all our solutions. We recently launched the LinkUp employment dashboards on Eagle Edge and we’ve demonstrated use cases for companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Best Buy, GAP and Limited Brands. We are assessing other employment related data vendors as candidates for the Eagle Edge platform.

Alternative Data Newsletter #122 – June 14th, 2019

Eagle Alpha is delighted to announce LinkUp as the latest dataset onboarded to the Eagle Edge Platform. LinkUp have created the largest, highest-quality index of global job listings. Through the Eagle Edge dashboards users can much more easily explore this large and complex dataset to identify actionable trends. Job listings data provides a window into company performance and strategy across all industrial sectors. It’s possible to understand company strategy better by tracking what roles they are seeking to fill and in what regions they are focusing their recruitment efforts.