In March 2017, Citi published a 50-page report regarding the alternative data space. The title is “Searching for Alpha: Big Data. Navigating New Alternative Datasets”. 9 pages of the report are about Eagle Alpha.

citi_2c-blu_pos_rgb.jpgCiti’s quantitative research group produced the report. Table of contents:

  • Executive summary.
  • The Big Data Landscape.
  • Who Cares about Big Data?
  • Big Data in Practice.
  • Considerations for Big Data Implementation.
  • Conclusion.
  • Appendix – Big Data Vendors.

In May 2017, JPMorgan published a 280-page report regarding the alternative data space. The title is “Big Data and AI Strategies”. Eagle Alpha is positioned as the leading data aggregator. The case study on our email receipt data provider is one of only five included in the report.

JPMorgan’s global quantitative & derivatives strategy group produced the report. Table of contents:jpmorgan-vector-logo_0

  • Introduction and Overview.
  • Big and Alternative Data.
  • Machine Learning Methods.
  • Handbook of Alternative Data.
  • Appendix.

 In August 2017, Bank of America published a 300-page note regarding how big data will affect several industries. 


Pages 175 – 184 refer to the asset management industry.

In June 2017, Jefferies published a 13-page report on data science within the hedge fund industry. The title is “Quantifying Intuition: Mapping the Data Science Landscape in the Hedge Fund Industry”.

Jefferies equity sales and trading department produced the report. Table of contents:

Jefferies Group PNG

  • Data, Data Everywhere, And Way Too Much To Drink.
  • Everyone’s a “Quant” These Days.
  • Data Science In The Broader Hedge Fund Ecosystem.
  • What Lies Ahead.


In June 2017, Barclays published an article on big data. The title is “Rise of the Machines”.

Barclays PNG

Barclay’s Strategic Consulting team analysed data from over 64 hedge funds and 25 investors to chart the use of big data throughout the investment process.

In November 2017, EY published a report on how asset managers are embracing innovation to illustrate competitive advantages. The report states that asset managers are using alternative data to achieve this.

The report states that investors expect to allocate to managers who are utilising nontraditional and next-generation data and that nearly half of managers are using non-traditional/next generation data.







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