Eagle Alpha is exclusively focused on the alternative data needs of asset managers. 

The types of asset managers that Eagle Alpha works with include:

  • Quantitative funds. Quant funds particularly value our Data Sourcing offering so that they don’t miss out on interesting datasets.
  • Discretionary hedge funds. Lots of discretionary hedge funds seek datasets that can predict next quarter earnings of a stock. Firms that are considering working with alternative data typically engage us on a bespoke project(s).
  • Mutual funds & sovereign wealth funds. These clients use alternative data to obtain insights into longer-term trends. Firms that need to catch-up with the innovators typically start by engaging Eagle Alpha to deliver a bespoke teach-in to their firm. In addition, mutual funds particularly like our Thought Leadership and Data Insight offerings to ensure they are on top of best practice.
  • Private equity. Innovative private equity funds are using alternative data in the due diligence process of investments and acquisitions. For example, if a PE firm is acquiring a consumer company it is not doing proper due diligence unless it analyzes alternative data.

Eagle Alpha has a global client base:

  • North America. The majority of the innovators and early adopters of alternative data are in the US. Therefore the majority of our clients are US asset managers. We have clients in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Connecticut and New York.
  • EMEA. The significant majority of asset managers in EMEA are only beginning to consider integrating alternative data into their investment process. Eagle Alpha has clients in Dublin, London and the Middle East.
  • APAC. The number of enquiries from firms in APAC started to increase substantially in Q4 2016. Eagle Alpha has clients in Singapore and Hong Kong.