Data Insight reports and indicators give clients actionable ideas and demonstrate, based on 4 years of experience, how different types of alternative datasets can be leveraged.

Examples of client challenges that Data Insights can address:

  • Some of our competitors have been working with alternative data for years. We need to quickly learn how different types of alternative data can be leveraged.
  • We need a new source of alpha; traditional data and traditional research has become commoditsed.
  • Traditional sellside firms are not servicing us. We need relationships with analysts that have experience working with alternative datasets.


Our Data Insights output is a “quantamental” offering combining fundamental analysis, alternative data and advanced quantitative / data science techniques.

The output takes the form of actionable reports and indicators covering both equities and macro.

Our Data Insights team comprising former buyside and sellside analysts, works closely with our data scientists and engineers.

With over 4 years of experience working with alternative data our analysts are in a unique position to guide clients in the use of alternative data for a wide variety of research questions.



Equity coverage includes in excess of 40 companies across the following sub-industries:

  • Consumer: Apparel (US/Europe), Auto Manufacturers (Global), Consumer Electronics (US), Luxury Goods (US/Europe), Restaurants (US), Retail (US).
  • Tech: Software (US), Tech Hardware (US/Asia), Video Games (US/Europe).

Macro coverage comprises indices designed to improve the predictive power of client models.

  • US: Unemployment, Jobs, Retail Sales.
  • UK: Consumer Confidence, Mortgage Applications, Unemployment, Jobs, Housing.

Actionable Reports

Data Insights reports provide actionable insights into equity and macro topics, using thoroughly tested alternative data and proprietary tools.

As well as providing actionable insights on particular research questions, the Data Insights reports also demonstrate best-in-class applications for alternative data.


Data Insight indicators combine the skills of Eagle Alpha’s data scientists and analysts to provide actionable insights into financial metrics at both a company and macro level. They are rigorously backtested and frequently updated to provide timely insights in a visual format that can be easily digested.

The current range of indicators utilises Eagle Alpha’s three years of expertise working with online search data to predict economic indicators. Eagle Alpha has devised a proprietary methodology that leverages all relevant academic research, as well as accepted best practices in the field.

Eagle Alpha’s roadmap includes a range of indicators utilising both proprietary and third party datasets, including crawled web data, shipping data, auto intelligence data, app usage data, consumer transaction data, and geo-location data.

Analyst Access

Eagle Alpha’s analysts all have a background in investment research, and have been working with alternative data for over four years. As a result, they have a unique perspective on how alternative data can be applied to a wide variety of equity and macro research questions. In addition, Eagle Alpha’s analysts and data scientists are advanced users of Eagle Alpha’s own tools and many relevant third party tools.

All this experience is at this disposal of clients of Eagle Alpha’s Data Insights offering.

Unique Selling Point

We are one of 2 independent firms worldwide that publish “quantamental” research reports that are exclusively based on alternative data.

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