Eagle Alpha enables data owners to monetize their data in the asset management vertical.

The Opportunity

  • Asset managers are hungry for new alternative data sources that can provide insights into the companies and financial instruments they invest in.
  • The rise of big data “represents a watershed moment in the history of investment management”, Blackrock’s SAE Group.
  • The data revolution is producing hundreds of providers of alternative data across 20+ categories e.g. consumer transactions, app usage, web traffic, geo-location and international trade.
  • Spend by investment management (“buyside”) firms on alternative data is already at $200m according to research by TABB Group. This amount is set to double in the next few years.

The Benefits

  • Create an additional revenue stream by selling to money managers.
  • Eagle Alpha can evaluate your data and provide feedback on its applications and marketability.
  • Eagle Alpha will prepare investor relevant marketing materials including examples of use cases.
  • Eagle Alpha will raise awareness about your data through articles, interviews, research reports and presentations to potential customers.
  • Eagle Alpha’s dedicated salesforce will ensure that your data is well represented.
  • Additional revenue drops straight to your bottom line.

Why Eagle Alpha?

  • Since 2012 Eagle Alpha has been exclusively focused on selling to the buyside. This gives us a deep understanding of their buying process.
  • Strong distribution with clients worldwide e.g. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Connecticut, New York, London, Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • Only provider of thought leadership content regarding alternative data for asset managers. For example, we publish case studies of partner datasets and interviews with data experts.
  • Only independent provider worldwide that publish data insight reports based exclusively on alternative data. We regularly publish reports based on partner datasets.
  • Eagle Alpha offers a range of unique analytical tools that enable clients to do proprietary analysis. Eagle Alpha can build analytical tools based on your data.
  • Eagle Alpha’s data sourcing is a valuable resource for investment managers and information about your data will be clearly displayed in the database.
  • Showcase Events: Creator of the data showcase event format. This is an efficient way for your firm to market your dataset in New York, London and Hong Kong.

Start monetizing your data now