Our Data Sourcing solution keeps clients on top of the world’s alternative datasets and ensures they do not miss out on the best datasets.

Examples of client challenges that our Data Sourcing offering can address:

  • We don’t have budget for a data procurement person(s).
  • We need to know what are all the alternative datasets available worldwide.
  • We can’t afford to miss out on the best datasets.
  • We need to know what datasets the market has access to.
  • Our biggest pain point is knowing which datasets to prioritise for trial.
  • We need thoughtful teasers on alternative datasets in order to make our screening more efficient.
  • It is easy to get lost the sea of data. We need advice on what datasets are relevant to specific research questions.

There are 4 parts to the Data Sourcing offering:

  1. An online database of all the alternative data providers worldwide.
  2. An advisory service that enables clients to prioritise datasets to evaluate.
  3. Data company access – a service that arranges meetings with data companies.
  4. Proprietary Datasets – Eagle Alpha currently has five proprietary datasets.

1. A database of all the alternative data providers worldwide

The first data sourcing problem our clients asked us to solve is to identify all the alternative datasets available worldwide. We have 5 employees dedicated to mapping ALL of the worlds alternative datasets that are of interest to asset managers. Clients can set up email alerts to receive notifications when new datasets are added. The database is also available via API for clients that have internal catalogues.

USP: Our database has the largest number of alternative datasets worldwide and includes the most comprehensive profiles available. Every week we improve the profiles through 100+ hours of phone calls with data vendors.

2. An advisory service that enables clients to prioritise datasets to evaluate

Because clients can get lost in a sea of data they value regular advisory calls. Our best client relationships are those where we have regular calls to discuss their data needs and provide tailored advice. 3 examples of typical questions clients ask us:

  • Based on your 5 years of experience of understanding of our investment strategy, what datasets must we prioritise for demos/trials?
  • If we send you a number of specific research questions can you recommend to us the most appropriate datasets?
  • What interesting datasets are coming to market in Q4 2017?

USP: Our advisory service leverages our 5 years of experience working in the alternative data space and the wider Eagle Alpha team. We are in a unique position to advise clients given the five other parts of our offering. For example, our data insight analysts publish actionable reports based on alternative datasets and we build indicators on alternative datasets.

3. Data company access – a service that arranges meetings with data vendors

We connect clients with datasets that are exploring coming to market, datasets that are doing roadshows through financial centres worldwide and organise events where datasets pitch for you business.

USP: We host the best data showcase events worldwide. Our next event will have 50 of the best datasets pitch to 180 asset managers. Please go to the Events section of our website to learn more.

4. Proprietary Datasets

We give clients proprietary datasets which are obtained via a web crawling and indicators based on online search data.

USP: In October 2017, we will launch our first (quasi) proprietary dataset that is based on data from a credit card dataset.

Why Clients License Our Data Sourcing Solution

We asked our clients why they purchase a licence to our data sourcing solution:

  • Delivering the database via a feed is a great way for us to complement our internal catalogue.
  • You now have 5 people focused on data hunting. We dont have the budget to hire a data procurement team of that size.
  • FOMO. You ensure we don’t miss out on the best datasets.
  • As an aggregator, you have unique insights into what datasets the market is looking at.
  • Monthly advisory calls help us prioritise which datasets to demo and potentially trial.
  • We like to get a “first look” at new datasets through your pilot fishing roadshows.
  • Your data showcase events are the most efficient way for us to meet 50 high-quality data vendors in a single day.
  • Your knowledge of the latest pricing of hundreds of datasets can help us save time and money.



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