We work with domain experts to promote their expertise to investment managers worldwide. Below are some examples: 

  • Data companies: We partner with data companies to host relevant events. For example, we will partner with a geo-location company to educate the buyside regarding the legal aspects of geo-location data.
  • Data experts: We partner with individuals that have expertise in specific alternative data categories. For example, we will publish an interview with an IOT expert.
  • Lawyers: We partner with law firms to produce relevant content – for example, worked with Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati to produce a white paper on web crawling. In addition, we work with law firms to host events – for example, we have partnered with Lowenstein Sandler to host an event on the legal aspects of alternative data.
  • Recruiters: We partner with recruitment firms to produce relevant content (e.g. interviews regarding trends) and host events (e.g. roundtable on the types of people joining data insights teams).
  • Universities: We partner with universities to develop our product and identify alpha in datasets. For example, we are working with a university in California.

Contact us:

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