“I just wanted to say thank you for putting on a great event this week. It exceeded my expectations” – Director of Research at a 6.6bn fund.

“We really enjoyed the conference yesterday and appreciate you including us. Congrats on pulling off a great event.” – Managing Director at a $51bn+ fund

•“You guys killed it! Every aspect of the event was 10 out of 10” –Managing Director at a 26.7bn fund.

•“The conference was very helpful. Thank you and your company for organizing it” – Quant Researcher at a 35bn fund.

•“Looking forward to November. Would love to participate for sure” – Data Strategist (gardening leave).

•“Thank you for having me at the conference, I thought it was great” – Head of Data Sourcing at a 4bn fund.

•“Thanks for having me, it was a very interesting experience and I enjoyed meeting the new data vendors you had” – Data Manager at a 5trn+ fund.

•“The whole event was a very positive experience” – Managing Director at a 9bn fund.

•“I like the conference a lot and found it very helpful” – Managing Director at a 335mn fund.

•“Another impressive event, the Eagle Alpha team were great, well organised and the 10-minute meeting style is a great idea” –Head of Alternative Data Research at a 376bn fund.

•The “speed dating” format was excellent for quickly getting to know vendors and making the right level of connections/agreeing follow ups” – Head of Research at a 420bn fund.

•“I thought it was a great event and a great forum for sharing with peers, comparing systematic to fundamental approaches to alt data” – Managing Director at a 4.5bn fund.