Alternative Data Newsletter #106 – February 21st, 2019

Eagle Alpha’s first focus session on search data is going to be held online on February 28th. During this focus session, we will address some of the common challenges in working with search data – specifically Google Trends data, including the stringent downloading limitations, the subsampling of total search volume inherent in the data, and the data frequency vs. timespan inverse relationship. The session will concentrate on specific examples demonstrating search data’s predictive power. Contact to learn more about our alpha focus sessions and to book your place.

Alternative Data Newsletter #102 – January 24th, 2019

This week Eagle Alpha launched a new version of It demonstrates that we provide multiple solutions that help buyside firms work with alternative data. Also, we recently published case studies showing how investors can use web crawl data to monitor regular price, markdown and promotional discounting trends across US apparel retail companies. The data provided early read on fundamentals.

Alternative Data Newsletter #100 – January 10th, 2019

Important Developments AAPL: On November 21st Eagle Alpha published a report that highlighted weak consumer search interest in Eagle Alpha’s Search Signal indicator and weak Twitter mentions from Web Queries data for Apple. This report followed two other reports that were published after the launch of the new iPhone’s in September that showed lack of consumer … Read more

Alternative Data Newsletter #99 – December 20th, 2018

In this week’s alternative data newsletter: Eagle Alpha Survey, What will be the biggest challenges working with alternative data in 2019? Events You Should Attend, What Datasets Are Getting Traction? Data Science Lab, Legal & Compliance, Efficiency Improvements & Best Practice, Updates For Alternative Data Vendors, and Notable News in the Alternative Data Space.
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Alternative Data Newsletter #98 – December 13th, 2018

Important Developments Further M&A: this week saw the second acquisition in the altdata space. Contact us to receive a deck about these acquisitions (source: a corporate finance firm) – Moody’s Survey: according to the Moody’s Analytics survey of more than 500 global buyside firms, 59% of respondents consider big data and alternative data important for the investment … Read more