Our Story

Established in 2012, Eagle Alpha is the pioneer connecting the universe of alternative data.

First adopted by alpha-seeking hedge funds over 10 years ago, alternative data is now being sought for use in the wider asset management space, as well as the private equity and corporate verticals.

In parallel, there is an explosive increase in the supply of alternative datasets, as many corporates are looking to monetize their exhaust data and new technologies enable the emergence of new alternative data vendors.

Eagle Alpha was one of the first companies to recognize the value from these new data sources, and has been investing in educating and connecting alternative data vendors and buyers since 2012, in the process building trusted relationships with both sides of this market.

Eagle Alpha has built a Data Machine that incorporates vendor engagement, an intelligence engine and buyer solutions, which together enable the world to make sense of the complexity, the volume, and the variety of alternative datasets.

The Data Machine has cemented Eagle Alpha as the global leader in the Alternative Data space.

Eagle Alpha partners with industry leaders to continue to shape the industry: