Eagle Alpha’s team has been working with alternative data since 2012.

Morgan Stanley was the first bulge bracket bank to incorporate alternative data into its research product. Our founder used to work at Morgan Stanley and therefore obtained a relatively early insight into how alternative data could be used by asset managers.

In 2012 a hedge fund manager inspired our founder to set up Eagle Alpha. The basic premise was the amount of alternative data being created worldwide was growing exponentially but the significant majority of asset managers weren’t taking advantage of it.

The company was incorporated in September 2012 with the sole purpose of enabling asset managers to obtain alpha from alternative data. We are focused on solving the challenges that asset managers face when working with alternative data.

The Eagle Alpha offering continually evolves based on feedback asset managers and thought leaders in the alternative data space.

To date we have raised over US$6m from individual investors who have experience on Wall Street. We welcome contact from institutional investors who are interested in the alternative data space and want to partner with Eagle Alpha on the next stage of our journey.

Eagle Alpha has been profiled in the two major papers regarding the alternative data space: