Since 2012, Eagle Alpha has provided a full-service solution that enables asset managers to obtain alpha from alternative data.

Eagle Alpha has built a product team that is modelled on the alternative data teams at asset management firms. The product team has four groups: 1) data sourcing professionals whose task is to hunt for interesting alternative datasets; 2) analysts with buyside and sellside experience who understand asset classes and investigate strategies; 3) data scientists who have strong quantitative skills for backtesting and data exploration; and 4) engineers to deliver our solution to clients.

There are five parts to Eagle Alpha’s solution: 1) Data Sourcing; 2) Data Analytics; 3) Bespoke Projects; and 4) Data Forum.

Asset management clients include quantitative funds, discretionary hedge funds, and traditional fundamental asset managers. We work with clients that are starting to integrate alternative data as well as sophisticated users that use Eagle Alpha to complement their in-house capabilities.

Eagle Alpha is a recognized leader in the alternative data space. We regularly host flagship events on alternative data in New York, London, and Hong Kong, we author some of the most highly regarded content on the topic, and we have been heavily referenced in alternative data primers by the largest investment banks in the world.

Our vision is to be the ‘go-to’ firm for the alternative data needs of asset managers.