About Us

Eagle Alpha was set up in 2012 to provide alternative data solutions to the buyside

In 2012 we started to build our team of data sourcing experts, data engineers, engineers, data scientists and data analysts. The team, based in New York and Dublin, have built solutions that enable the buyside to work with alternative data.

The core solutions of Eagle Alpha are three modules: Data Sourcing, Data Analytics and Data Strategy:
1. Data Sourcing keeps clients on top of all the alternative datasets worldwide. Three exciting developments: 1) our data scientists are building a tool that does quality testing of alternative datasets at scale; 2) our engineers are turning our database into a data platform; and 3) we are building several proprietary datasets.
2. Data Analytics “democratizes data” for discretionary managers by providing customized dashboards on top of alternative datasets.
3. Data Strategy's primary goal is to keep clients at the cutting edge of how to make alpha from the 24 different categories of alternative data.

In addition, we execute a range of bespoke projects for clients. There are typically four types of projects: strategic investment integration projects, research questions, data assignments and alternative data driven models.

Finally, we provide the buyside with three complimentary solutions: high quality events, the leading use cases report and altdata.tv.

Eagle Alpha is a recognized leader in the alternative space. For example, white papers by Citi, JPMorgan, BoA and Deloitte have all profiled the company.

Our vision is to be the alternative data partner
of every buyside firm