Eagle Alpha is focused on solving the challenges that asset managers face when working with alternative data.

The Eagle Alpha solution has six parts:


Teach-ins educate our clients to enable them to catch up with the innovators and early adopters in alternative data field. USP: We are the only firm that offers teach-ins on alternative data.

Thought Leadership ensures that our clients do not fall behind the curve regarding how to obtain value from alternative data. USP: We are the only firm that offers a Thought Leadership offering regarding alternative data.


Bespoke Projects enable clients, who don’t have the skillset and/or capacity to work with alternative data, to commission specific projects. USP: Given the entire Eagle Alpha offering we are uniquely positioned to deliver bespoke projects for asset managers.

Data Insights reports and indicators give clients actionable ideas and demonstrate, based on 4 years of experience, how different types of alternative datasets can be leveraged. USP: We are one of 2 independent firms worldwide that publish “quantamental” research reports that are exclusively based on alternative data.

Analytical Tools enable clients to obtain proprietary analytics on 90 millions data sources for research into items like product launches and elections. In addition, we have a proprietary algorithm that enables clients to build databases of experts. USP: Leverage the knowledge of our data insights analysts, data scientists and/or engineers, who have 4+ years’ experience working with alternative data.

Data Sourcing keeps clients on top of the world’s alternative datasets and ensures they do not miss out on the best datasets. USP: We have the only database dedicated to profiling ALL of the world’s alternative datasets that are relevant to asset managers.