Eagle Alpha works with data partners to monetise their datasets.

Examples of partner datasets include:

  • China autos. Unrivalled data on inventory and pricing.
  • Consumer transactions. Loyalty receipts giving insights into US consumer transactions.
  • Consumer transactions. Indices for China based on credit and debit card data.
  • Employment data. US job postings data linked to 3,500 tickers of publicly traded companies.
  • EPOS data. Global EPOS data that provides insights into consumer trends.
  • Mobile app data. Actionable app market intelligence including download, revenue and usage data for every mobile app in the world.
  • Trade dataset: Container level data for 13 countries, frequently includes name of sender and recipient of goods.
  • Trade dataset: Trade data owned by a top 3 transport and logistics company.
  • UK housing data. Dataset with the most granular view of UK residential housing market.

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