Eagle Alpha provides transparent pricing to buyside firms.

Full Subscription

A full subscription includes the items below (except bespoke projects and datasets). The price is US$115,000 per licence per annum.

Individual Modules

Alternatively, clients can elect to start with one or more modules:

Data Sourcing: The price for our database, advisory service, vendor access and proprietary datasets is US$35,000 per annum.

Analytical Tools: The price for our Web Queries tool and Digital Expert Network is US$35,000 per annum.

Data Insights: The price for reports and indicators is US$35,000 per annum.

Bespoke Projects: The price is US$10,000 for 50 hours/credits. Clients must commit to purchasing a dataset within 6 months of starting a bespoke project. 

Innovation Centre: The price for our teach-in and thought leadership offering is $35,000 per annum.


Third-party datasets and quasi-proprietary datasets are sold as add-ons. Pricing is dependent on the dataset.


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