COVID-19 Report
This report is the second in a series of reports published by Eagle Alpha on the use of alternative data to track the impact of the coronavirus. The purpose of this report is to provide buyside funds, private equity firms, corporates, governments and central banks with examples of how alternative data can be leveraged for timely insights. This edition was published April 2020 following the publication of the first edition in March 2020.

The paper will:
  •      - Introduce alternative data.
  •      - Outline the benefit for alternative data for timely insights.
  •      - Detail 11 case studies across various alternative data types relevant to tracking COVID-19.
  •      - Report on the key takeaways from Eagle Alpha’s COVID-19 Data Conference hosted March 31st 2020.
  •      - Outline Eagle Alpha’s solutions for tracking impact and recovery of the coronavirus outbreak.

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