Teach-ins educate our clients to enable them to catch up with the innovators and early adopters in alternative data field. 

Examples of client challenges that a teach-in can address:

  • We will fall behind if we don’t innovate our research process. man having presentation at seminar
  • We don’t have a good understanding of what alternative data is.
  • Our colleagues need convincing that we should be using alternative data.
  • Our training programme for new joiners should incorporate alternative data.
  • The biggest obstacle is bridging the gap between the data world and the investor world.

There are three steps to Eagle Alpha’s teach-ins:

Step 1: Receive content to prepare for a teach-in.

In advance of a teach-in we provide clients with access to all the “must read” documents that Eagle Alpha has produced or sourced since our inception in 2012. These documents include:

  • White paper that discusses how asset managers can drive investment performance with alternative data.
  • White paper that outlines the first steps to innovating your investment process with alternative data.
  • Case studies that demonstrate how to get value from alternative data.
  • Presentations that review alternative data developments for each quarter of 2016.
  • Web crawling white paper produced by Eagle Alpha, in conjunction with Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, outlining legal and compliance issues that asset managers need to be aware of when using web harvested data.
  • 10+ carefully selected white papers and videos with topics ranging from text and sentiment analysis to leveraging online search data to the mechanics of geo-location data collection.

Step 2: Schedule a call to discuss a tailored schedule. Below is a sample schedule for discussion. Typically clients prefer to split the teach-in into two half day sessions.

Introduction to Alternative Data

  • The alternative data revolution is the next major change to the investment research process.
  • How is it relevant to asset managers? What long-term insights can be obtained?
  • How are other asset managers using it?
  • How is working with alternative data different?

Mechanics of Integrating Alternative Data into Investment Process

  • The 6 stages of integrating alternative data into an investment process.
  • The 9 challenges of integration.
  • Staffing: skills and capabilities of personnel.
  • Technology stack.
  • Legal and compliance.
  • Outsourcing.

Categories of Alternative Data

  • Overview of 20+ categories of newly available alternative data sources.
  • In-depth examination of specific data categories including: use cases, data provenance, legal and compliance considerations, technology skills required, analytical approaches, data provider landscape and data costs.
  • Given specific industries, a look at the most relevant data sources and insights that can be derived from them. NB: we can organise short breakout sessions with industry teams.

Discussion of Potential Next Steps

  • Consider a bespoke project(s) to demonstrate usefulness and ROI and to set-up frameworks for continuing work in-house.
  • How to keep on top of the alternative data space and best practices.
  • Introductions to the most qualified headhunters and candidates.
  • Schedule demos of relevant Eagle Alpha proprietary datasets and/or partner datasets.

Step 3: Delivery of a teach-in.

Teach-ins are led by Shannon Callan. Shannon was Director of Equity Research at TCW Group, a $185bn investment manager based in LA. Shannon has been working with alternative data since 2011.

Set-up Advisory

Following a teach-in clients value our ongoing advice to ensure they get set-up in a proper manner. Typically this advice is delivered once a month for the twelve months post a teach-in.