Alternative Data Showcase Events Information

Eagle Alpha hosts the only global alternative data conferences that are solely dedicated for asset managers to meet data vendors.

Following Eagle Alpha’s successful BIG Alternative Data Showcase Event in New York in December 2017, we are proud to announce our schedule for 2018. These are:

London April 11th, 2018.

NYC May 31st, 2018.

Hong Kong September 2018.

NYC December 2018.

These events will showcase the best and most unique alternative data vendors worldwide which will be hand-picked from our database (currently 707 vendors).

Why Attend Our Alternative Data Showcase Weeks?

Asset Managers attend our Alternative Data Showcase Week because they:

  • Don’t want to miss out on meeting 30 of the best alternative datasets, including datasets that are new and coming to market.
  • Can schedule 1-on-1s with data vendors over the course of the week. Over 350 1-on-1 meetings between data vendors and asset managers took place as a result of our New York event.
  • Learn insights from three buyside panels. At our New York event, firms such as Blackrock, Two Sigma, Fidelity Investments and Wellington Management participated.
  • Listen to questions asked by their counterparts throughout the presentations.
  • It is the most efficient way to meet interesting and relevant data vendors.

How Does Eagle Alpha Select The Data Vendors?

Our selection committee hand-picks data vendors based on the following principles:

  • Consider datasets that are about to come to market.
  • Data vendors that have recently come to market but are not yet well known.
  • Include datasets where Eagle Alpha is the exclusive distributor.
  • Pitch Eagle Alpha’s semi-proprietary datasets.
  • Ensure representation from several of the 24 categories of alternative data e.g. consumer transactions, geo-location, trade and ESG.
  • Reserve slots for several data vendors from outside EMEA (for London event), US (for NYC event) and Asia (for Hong Kong event).
  • Avoid data vendors that are well known to the majority of the buyside. These may be sponsors at our events but not part of the data vendors exhibiting and pitching.

10 examples of datasets that presented at our New York Week in December:

  • Launch of a new consumer transaction dataset that is predictive of revenue and same-store sales for 70 US consumer stocks.
  • Launch of a new dataset, based on Chinese credit and debit card data, that is predictive of revenue for Chinese and international stocks.
  • First presentation in NYC by this Asian based shipping dataset.
  • A new shipping dataset, from a UK company, that only recently started marketing to the buyside.
  • A new sentiment dataset, from a European company, that only recently started marketing to the buyside.
  • A dataset that provides signals for US B2B, luxury, retail and restaurant stocks based on online search data.
  • A leading employment dataset that is mapped to 3,500 US tickers.
  • An email receipt dataset that is mapped to 600 US merchants and will update the audience on a recent corporate action.
  • A dataset based on a marketplace for charterers, ship owners, and brokers in the dry bulk, tanker, and gas markets.
  • A trade data provider that has data at the macro level and more recently at a ticker level.


Tickets for our New York Alternative Data Showcase Week are now on sale.

*Please note that clients of our Data Sourcing package will receive complimentary tickets.

Contact to register.