Thought Leadership includes tailored events, 1-on-1 advice, proprietary content (white papers, case studies) and curated news. 

Tailored Events

  • Schedule Events: Attend events in New York, London and Hong Kong. Learn more about our upcoming events.
  • Event Recaps: Receive summaries of the key highlights from all our events worldwide.

1-on-1 Advice

  • Analyst Access: Leverage the knowledge of our analysts who have 4+ years’ experience working with alternative data.
  • Quarterly Reviews: Keep on top of developments in the space through a quarterly meeting with our CEO.

Proprietary Content

  • Innovators: Learn how other investment managers are approaching alternative data.
  • Recruitment: Gain insights from Eagle Alpha interviews with relevant headhunters.
  • Legal & Compliance: Leverage proprietary content regarding topical issues e.g. web crawling.
  • Dataset Developments: Keep track of news regarding specific alternative datasets and enhancements to existing datasets.
  • Engineering: Receive content dedicated to the IT infrastructure required to extract alpha from alternative data.
  • Data Science: Obtain insights from Eagle Alpha’s data scientists and papers from third party data scientists.
  • Case Studies: Obtain case studies (proprietary and third party) that demonstrate how to get value from alternative data.
  • Expert Interviews: Learn from proprietary interviews with alternative data experts.

Curated News

  • News: We constantly curate the web for the best articles regarding the alternative data space.
  • Newsletter: Receive a weekly newsletter that includes a dataset of the week and case study of the week.

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