Thought Leadership ensures that our clients do not fall behind the curve regarding how to obtain value from alternative data. 

Examples of client challenges that our Thought Leadership offering can address: 

  • Determining how to get value from alternative data is our #1 challenge.
  • We want to keep on top of best practice and not fall behind the curve.
  • Keeping on top of the legal and compliance side of alternative data is critical for our firm.


There are four parts to the Thought Leadership offering:

1. Tailored Events

Schedule Events: Eagle Alpha hosts events in New York, London and Hong Kong – only clients are guaranteed places. We also recommend the best third party events regarding alternative data. Learn more about upcoming events.

Event Recaps: We publish papers that summarise the key highlights of previous events.

2. 1-on-1 Advice

Analyst Access: Leverage the knowledge of our research analysts, data scientists and/or engineers  who have 4+ years’ experience working with alternative data.

3. Proprietary Content

Innovators: Keep track of what other asset managers are doing regarding alternative data.

Recruitment: Gain insights from Eagle Alpha interviews with relevant headhunters.

Legal & Compliance:
Leverage proprietary content regarding topical issues e.g. web crawling.

Dataset Developments: Keep track of enhancements to existing datasets.

Engineering: Receive content dedicated to the IT infrastructure required to extract alpha from alternative data.

Data Science: Obtain insights from Eagle Alpha’s data scientists and papers from third party data scientists.

Case Studies: Obtain case studies (proprietary and third party) that demonstrate how to get value from alternative data.

Expert Interviews: Learn from interviews with alternative data experts.

4. Industry Developments

Quarterly Reviews: Keep on top of developments in the alternative data space through a quarterly review by our CEO.

Curated Articles: Our team are constantly hunting for the best articles worldwide regarding the alternative data space.

Newsletter: Receive a weekly newsletter that includes case studies of how alternative data can be leveraged.

Unique Selling Point

Eagle Alpha is the only firm that offers a Thought Leadership offering regarding alternative data.

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